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Upcoming Workshops - Participate in the decision making process
New Updates, Regulations & Requirements - Regulations and requirements that may affect your operations
Alternative Fuel & Zero-Emission Insights - Learn what’s new and what’s coming soon
Conferences, Programs - Educational, networking and presentation opportunities
Presentations Slides and Videos from Previous Sacramento Clean Cities Webinars
  • Presentation Slides and Recordings posted Here
Special Events
June 1 - "Coast-to-Coast EV"
  • 9:30: Register 
  • 10:00: ZEV Fleet Transition Planning Case Studies
  • 11:30: Developing an ZEV Transition Plan for Your Fleet
  • 12:00: Real world drive across the US in an EV
  • Inside Displays: Ford Lightning EV Pickup, SolecTrac EV Bucket Loader, Hertz’ Pole Star EV Sedan, Silverado EV Pickup
  • Outside Displays: Kenworth “K-Series” Box Truck EV, Pioneer Energy e-Boost Mobile EV Charging Trailer, DANNAR EV Mobile Power System (MPS), Volvo JL20 EV Bucket Loader & More Coming!
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June 20 & 22 - Advanced Clean Fleets Regulation (ACF) Webinar
10am - 12noon
A webinar for government agency fleet managers and staff in California
  • Operational and Budgetary Impacts of the recently approved regulation
  • Presentation on June 20 will be repeated on June 22
  • Detailed review of the ACF requirements
  • Presentations by fleet managers with decades of alt fuel and zero-emission implementation experience
June 29 - Rosenbauer Electric Fire Truck Display
9am - Cal Expo Lot A
  • Electric Pumper with 10” to 19” adjustable ground clearance
  • Up to 1,500 GPM water pumping (backup power using BMW 6 cylinder clean diesel engine)
  • Standard or All Wheel Steering (Countersteering and Crab Steering)
Grants Accepting Applications
Sacramento Air District Incentive Programs Currently Open
  • Community CarShare Program (Car-sharing program to benefit disadvantaged communities in the greater Sacramento area)
  • Clean Cars 4 All ( Helping low-income Sacramento County residents get a new mobility option when they turn in an old vehicle for scrap)
  • Off-Road Equipment Replacement (Incentives to replace Tier 3 and older or gasoline off-road equipment with Tier 4 Final or zero-emission level equipment)
  • Incentives to help fund the new installation of charging infrastructure 
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EPA 2023 Clean School Bus (CSB) Grant Program
  • $400 million in competitive grant funding for zero-emission school buses, clean school buses, and EVSE.
  • Two grant categories: school district and Tribal applicants; and third-party applicants.
  • Priority given to replace buses serving high-need local education agencies, rural areas, Tribal school districts and public school districts receiving basic support payments for students living on Tribal land, and rural areas. 
  • At least 40% of the funding will go to disadvantaged communities.
  • Grant deadline: Tuesday, August 22.
Webinar Info Here
Grant Info Here
EPA's Environmental Justice Small Grants Program
  • Eligible applicants are limited to federally recognized tribal governments;
  • Help communities understand and address exposure to multiple environmental harms and risks;
  • $1.6 million for up 16 to 20 grants of up to $100,000 each;
  • Applications are due by May 20
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Federal Charging and Fueling Infrastructure Discretionary Grant Program
  • $700M available in fiscal 22/23 with $2.5B over five years
  • Funding for Alt Fuel Infrastructure and EV Charging Infrastructure
  • Propane stations and propane genset powered microgrids and mobile EV Charging eligible
  • Applications due May 30
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New Updates, Regulations, and Requirements
Energy Division Freight Infrastructure Planning (FIP) Staff Proposal
May 22 - Virtual
  • The proposal addresses the need for proactive planning of long lead time utility-side electrical infrastructure (i.e., distribution and transmission) needed to support the acceleration of transportation electrification
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CARB Meeting: Risk Reduction Strategies Deploying ZEV MD/HD Vehicles
May 22 - Virtual
  • Finance, lease, and insurance strategies
  • Vehicle residual values and other support mechanisms
  • Staff will solicit feedback and discussion
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Coffee with a Researcher: Webinar Presentation on Integrating Micromobility with Transit and Other Modes
May 25 - 12noon - 1pm
  • Integrating transportation plans at different scales to reduce barriers to mobility;
  • Implementing human-powered, electric-assisted small vehicles to augment existing transportation options;
  • How e-cargo bikes are capable of meeting delivery or family use needs.
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Sacramento Clean Cities Sponsors Make The News
Ford Hydrogen eTransit
Ford is testing eight hydrogen fuel cell eTransit vans to evaluate their performance providing cost-effective service in applications with longer range, heavier loads, limited time for charging and/or auxiliary power (i.e. refrigeration) requirements. 
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American River College Auto Tech Training
American River College offers a combination of classroom and hands-on shop experiences that prepare students for careers in all phases of automotive service and repair on all types of cars, both ICE and BEV. 
Read more Here

Ohm Electric BEV Specialists
Ohm Electric in Dixon specializes in diagnosing electric system issues in BEVs, training EV technicians, upgrading EV performance and converting ICE vehicles to BEVs with certified drivetrains. 
Read more Here
Alternative Fuel Insight
Goodyear Tires with Renewable Carbon Black
Goodyear is making a replacement tire for the Tesla Model 3 that uses renewable carbon black. Instead of using carbon from industrial combustion processes, the Goodyear “ElectricDrive GT” tires use carbon made by using heat from renewable electricity to split renewable methane molecules in an oxygen-free environment. (Note: This technology will also make renewable hydrogen, an added ZEV bonus.) 
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Eight "Run on Less-Electric DEPOT Fleets" in Clean Cities Coalition Regions
The North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) has selected eight fleets with varying duty cycles to study heavy-duty BEV truck operations. All eight fleets are in Clean Cities Coalition regions.
  1. Pepsi Beverages in Sacramento, CA
  2. OK Produce in Fresno, CA
  3. Penske in Ontario, CA
  4. Performance Team Logistics in Commerce, CA
  5. Schneider in South El Monte, CA
  6. UPS in Compton, CA
  7. WattEV in Long Beach, CA
  8. Frito-Lay in Queens, NY
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FERC Warns of Grid Problems
In May 4 testimony before the US Senate, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) chair Willie Phillips stated, “We face unprecedented challenges to the reliability of our nation’s electric system,” and added that the electric grid is “heading for a very catastrophic situation in terms of reliability.” 
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Cummins "Fuel Agnostic" X15 Using RNG
Cummins new “Fuel Agnostic” 15L engine is being demo’d on RNG in a range of applications, terrains and locations to show real world capabilities. CARB has released data showing that the average Carbon Intensity (CI) of all NG used as a transportation fuel in California is negative 87.74, compared the current electric grid CI of positive 81.49. 
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LCFS Renewable Fuel Pathways
California Average Grid Electricity Carbon Intensity: California average grid electricity used as a transportation fuel in California: 81.49gCO2e/MJ.
CARB Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) Credits-$84.75
Several Central Valley Biodiesels
Check CARB CI Pathways Here
Conferences and Programs
Electric Truck DEPOT Bootcamp
The North American Council for Freight Efficiency (NACFE) is offering a free ten-session series of one hour webinars covering the requirements for electrifying a truck depot. The webinars will run from 10am - 11am every other Tuesday from April 25 through September 5.
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EVS36 "Driving the Transition to E-Mobility"
June 11 - 14, 2023 - Sacramento Convention Center
  • Annual international gathering of the world’s EV experts
  • Cutting-edge research 
  • Innovative technologies
  • EV Market developments
Read more about EVS36 Here
  • EVS36 Call for papers covering:
  • Research
  • Market and government programs
  • Activities across all fields related to hybrid, battery & fuel cell technologies
  • EV infrastructure and services.
Read more about submitting papers Here
Green Transportation Summit and Expo "Accelerate to Zero"
August 22 - 24 - Tacoma, Washington
  • West Coast’s Premier Fleet Modernization & Sustainable Transportation Event
  • Networking, Information Sessions, Workshops, Vehicle Walk-throughs
Register Here (Use Discount Code SACRAMENTO-CC-30 for a 30% Discount)
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"ZEB Con" Zero Emission Bus Conference
Sept 26-28 San Diego
  • Site Tours of Electric Bus Deployments
  • ZEB 101 Course
  • Charge Management
  • Hydrogen Fueling
  • ZEB Depot Planning
  • Financing
  • Workforce Development
  • ZEB Transition Planning
  • Microgrids
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Mobilize Summit 2023
October 30 & 31 - Long Beach
  • Transportation, Aviation & Logistics Professionals
  • Latest on Emerging Technologies
  • Workforce Education 
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