Special Announcement
Sac Metro Air District Announces Funding Opportunity
The Sac Metro Air District has announced the release of an $18M RFP on March 29, 2021.
Funding will be available to replace medium and heavy-duty vehicles with zero-emission trucks and buses, install low carbon fueling infrastructure, replace older farm tractors, upgrade locomotives or complete other eligible projects. 
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CEC Hydrogen Facility Grant Opportunity
The CEC has announced a $7M Grant Opportunity to design, build and operate a 100% renewable hydrogen facility in California. The hydrogen produced will be utilized for transportation fuel. 
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PG&E EVSE Funding
PG&E is offering up to $15.5K for dual-port Level 2 EVSE at schools and state parks. The funding is on a first come, first served basis.
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CARB Webinar For Improving Disadvantaged Communities
CARB will present information on research that has been done on strategies for improving disadvantaged communities without creating displacement of the residents of those communities. The presentation webinar will be on April 19 from 2pm – 3pm.
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DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Funding Opportunity
DOE Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy has announced its intent to issue three sustainable transportation technology funding opportunity announcements (FOAs) in Spring 2021. 
  • Improving the vehicle efficiency and safety of freight transportation to develop and demonstrate higher efficiency, low-emission medium- and heavy-duty trucks and freight systems.
  • Develop affordable, efficient, and clean transportation options to accelerate the development and widespread use of a variety of innovative transportation technologies. 
  • Develop technologies that convert domestic biomass and other waste resources into low carbon biofuels and bioproducts.
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New Updates, Regulations, and Requirements
CARB Workshop On Off-Road Regulation
California Air Resources Board (CARB) will hold a public workshop on proposed amendments to the Off-Road Regulation on May 6, 2021 from 1 – 4. The proposed amendments for off-road equipment include:
  • Zero-emission technology wherever feasible;
  • Full transition to zero-emissions for small off-road engines, cargo handling equipment, airport ground support equipment, transport refrigeration units, forklifts;
  • Accelerated replacement of older equipment with the cleanest available technology;
  • Retrofit equipment with low-emission after-treatment technologies;
  • Renewable fuels where electrification is not feasible.
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ACT Regulation Reporting Deadline Extended
The Advanced Clean Truck (ACT) Regulation reporting deadline has been extended from 4/1/21 to 5/1/21. The ACT requires certain information to be reported to CARB by:
  • ANY fleet with 50 or more vehicles over 8,500# GVWR; 
  • EVERY GOVERNMENT fleet with one or more vehicles over 8,500# GVWR; and 
  • EVERY COMPANY with over $50M in gross revenue in the US.
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Sacramento Clean Cities Sponsors Make The News
Top 100 Fleets Names Five Sacramento Region Fleets
The Top 100 Fleets has named five Sacramento Region fleets, with Sacramento County, Sacramento City, City of Roseville and UC Davis in the top 100 and City of Fairfield as an Honorable Mention.  
Other California fleets in the top 100 include: County of San Luis Obispo, City of Santa Barbara, San Joaquin County, City of San Diego, City of Riverside, City of Oakland, San Bernardino County, University of California at Los Angeles, Alameda County, County of Ventura and City of Oceanside. Other honorable mentions include Contra Costa County, County of Riverside and Sonoma County.  
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Alternative Fuel Insight
Yamaha Announces Plans to Start Electric Drivetrains
Yamaha has announced their entry into high performance electric drivetrains, with the introduction of a 350kw (469hp) motor using 800v architecture.
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2021 Roadmap Conference
The 2021 Roadmap Conference produced by Forth will be held June 14 – 16 as a virtual event, with programs covering electric vehicles, EV charging, community education and emerging technologies. Sacramento Clean Cities Stakeholders can register and receive a discount.
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Refineries Report
The LCFS Credit for 1 MT of CO2 is $181.00. 
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