2020 Clean Cities Events
Congratulations to all the agencies, businesses and non-profits that have made the sacrafices to keep the Covid19 pandemic’s effects to a minimum in California. Sacramento Clean Cities Coalition will do our part by continuing to provide information and partnerships using virtual meetings and digital communications.
Sacramento Clean Fuel Technology Workshop
8/24- The 2020 Green Technology Summit and Expo
  • has been rescheduled to August 24-26 due to coronavirus.
  • Originally scheduled for April 13 – 15.
  • Sac Clean Cities Coalition Stakeholders qualify for a registration discount if they use SACCC30. This year’s event will be combined with the US EPA’s West Coast Collaborative Partner’s Meeting, and will include fleet focused sessions on recruiting, training and keeping technicians, regulatory policies, renewable fuels including renewable hydrogen, and the future of mobility.
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10/6 - Training for Natural Gas Vehicle Technicians
Sacramento Clean Cities News
100 Best Fleets 2020 Nominations
100 Best Fleets , a Sacramento Clean Cities Coalition partner, is opening 2020 nominations. Applications will be accepted until July 27, and will be announced on August 25.
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100 Best Fleets Top Winners Talk Tech
100 Best Fleets named their 2019 winners on April 7, 2020. Two California fleets were in the top five: San Luis Obispo County was tied for first place, and Sacramento County placed third. The top three winners will talk about best practices, doing more with less and emerging technologies on a 100 Best Fleets webinar on Wednesday, May 13 from 11am – 12:30pm.
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Sacramento Clean Cities Coalition Sponsors Making the News!
Motiv To Deliver Class 6 Battery Electric Trucks To Community Resources Project
Motiv , a Sacramento Clean Cities partner and sponsor, will be delivering Class 6 battery-electric trucks to the Community Resources Project in Sacramento, partially funded by another Sacramento Clean Cities partner and sponsor, the Sacramento Air District . The trucks are Motiv’s “EPIC” up fit of the Ford E-450, using custom utility bodies supplied by Rockport Commercial Vehicles. These trucks will add to the fleet of Motiv vehicles that have already driven over one million miles!
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Geotab Telematics
Geotab, a Sacramento Clean Cities Coalition sponsor, has developed information on how telematics can help fleets measure productivity, manage downtime, green the fleet, and much more.
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Nissan Tax Credit
Nissan, a Sacramento Clean Cities Coalition sponsor, has a special program to allow fleets to capture the $7,500 federal tax credit in the lease rate, making the overall monthly lease in the $300 range.
Contact Valerie Kornahrens , NEV Fleet Business Solutions Development Manager for Nissan North America, Inc. for details.
Freewire Expanding Mobile Charging Systems
Freewire , a Sacramento Clean Cities Coalition sponsor, has received major investments from BP Ventures, ABB Technology Ventures and Energy Innovation Capital. Freewire is expanding their mobile charging systems, including mobile DC fast charging.
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Sacramento Regional Transit Super Hotspot
Sacramento Regional Transit , a Sacramento Clean Cities Coalition partner, will operate ten “Super Hotspot” buses in under-served “Digital Desert” communities providing high speed WiFi for 3.5 hours at two locations in each community every day.
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Alternative Fuel Insight
CARB Notice For Comments On Amendments To Advanced Clean Trucks Regulation
The California Air Resources Board has posted a 30-day Notice for comments on the amendments to the Proposed Advanced Clean Trucks Regulation. The Deadline for comments is May 28,2020. Proposed amendments include increasing the percentage of ZEV sales across all weight classes and including pickup trucks in the ZEV sales requirement.
Proposed Amendments Notice
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Transportation Electrification Partnership
The Transportation Electrification Partnership, an LA Based NGO with members including Audi, BMW, BYD, Greenlots, Proterra and Tesla, is proposing a $150B package to promote EVs by extending the federal tax credit, implementing a national version of California’s CVRP and CleanCars4All Programs and more.
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Idle Reduction
Drivers who are provided with information about idle reduction can save fleet operators money, reduce air pollution and keep communities healthier. 
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Retro EV
Looking for a 1960s retro look with a modern EV drive? MW Motors is building two very retro coupes, one with four in-wheel motors and one with a single motor. Both have modest performance but both have range projected to be near the 200 mile mark.
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EV Sales Growth
EV and PHEV sales made up 6% of new car sales in 2018, an increase of 70% over 2017. Bloomberg predicts that EV and PHEV sales will increase by 13% annually and exceed gasoline vehicle sales by 2038.
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Refineries Report
For the week ending 4/20/20, refineries in California produced 188,748 gallons of gasoline and 95,248 gallons of diesel. This represents a DECREASE in gasoline production of 3% and a DECREASE in diesel production of 19%. This week’s diesel production decrease follows an 8.6% decrease last week, clearly reflecting economic slowing. 
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