Special Announcement
Hyzon Motors Will Begin Shipping Commercial Class 8 Fuel Cell Trucks
Hyzon Motors Inc., an international hydrogen fuel cell truck manufacturer with US headquarters in New York, has indicated that they will begin shipping commercial Class 8 zero-emission fuel cell trucks by the end of 2021. Trucks for Australia delivery are currently being built at their Groningen factory in the Netherlands. 
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Interested in demonstrating Class 8 fifth-wheel fuel cell trucks? Contact ttaylor@cleancitiessacramento.org.
Sac Metro Air District Announces Funding Opportunity
The Sac Metro Air District has announced the release of an $18M RFP on March 29, 2021.
Funding will be available to replace medium and heavy-duty vehicles with zero-emission trucks and buses, install low carbon fueling infrastructure, replace older farm tractors, upgrade locomotives or complete other eligible projects. 
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Sacramento Region Commuter Rail
Commuter Rail - Sacramento to Stockton and Auburn to Sacramento is scheduled to improve significantly. By 2023, regular ACE Trains will be operating with stops in Stockton, Lodi, Elk Grove, Sacramento City College, Midtown, and Natomas. The Capital Corridor will also begin all-rail commuter service between Auburn and Sacramento. 
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2021 Roadmap Conference
The 2021 Roadmap Conference produced by Forth will be held June 14 – 16 as a virtual event, with programs covering electric vehicles, EV charging, community education and emerging technologies. Sacramento Clean Cities Stakeholders can register and receive a discount.
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Marathon Petroleum Converting Refinery into Renewable Diesel Facility
Marathon Petroleum is converting their refinery in Martinez into a Renewable Diesel (RD) production facility. RD production at this facility is anticipated to begin in 2022, with full capacity of 730 million gallons per year reached in 2023. The feedstocks will be animal fats, soybean and corn oil.
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US Department of Energy Grant Solicitation
The US Department of Energy (DOE) Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) has announce a grant solicitation for innovative energy strategies across a broad spectrum of categories, a few of which include: Grid Scale Batteries Energy Storage, Grid Scale Non-Battery Energy Storage, Grid Reliability, Transportation Management, Combined Heat & Power, Building Heating & Cooling, Building Energy Management, Combined Heat & Power, Stationary Fuel Cells.
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DOE Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Funding Opportunity
DOE Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy has announced its intent to issue three sustainable transportation technology funding opportunity announcements (FOAs) in Spring 2021. 
  • Improving the vehicle efficiency and safety of freight transportation to develop and demonstrate higher efficiency, low-emission medium- and heavy-duty trucks and freight systems.
  • Develop affordable, efficient, and clean transportation options to accelerate the development and widespread use of a variety of innovative transportation technologies. 
  • Develop technologies that convert domestic biomass and other waste resources into low carbon biofuels and bioproducts.
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New Updates, Regulations, and Requirements
Zero-Emission Off-Road Strategies
Governor Newsom has issued Executive Order N-79-201 directing CARB to develop strategies to convert 100% of all off-road vehicles in California to zero-emission by 2035.
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US Department of Energy Seeking Public Comment on Risks in High-Capacity Batteries
The US Department of Energy (US DOE) has released a Request for Information, DE-FOA-0002502 seeking public comment on the Risks in the High‐Capacity Batteries, including critical materials, manufacturing capability and capacity, skilled workforce needs, supply chain resiliency, potential supply chain risks, and policy recommendations to address gaps in the supply chain. Responses are due 5:00pm (ET) on April 14, 2021.
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ACT Regulation Reporting Deadline Extended
The Advanced Clean Truck (ACT) Regulation reporting deadline has been extended from 4/1/21 to 5/1/21. The ACT requires certain information to be reported to CARB by:
  • ANY fleet with 50 or more vehicles over 8,500# GVWR; 
  • EVERY GOVERNMENT fleet with one or more vehicles over 8,500# GVWR; and 
  • EVERY COMPANY with over $50M in gross revenue in the US.
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Sacramento Clean Cities Sponsors Make The News
Lightning Systems To Deploy 98 Electric Delivery Vans
Lightning Systems will be deploying a total of 98 Ford Transit package delivery vans to DHL Express. The vans will have the Lightning Systems electric drivetrain technology.
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SacEV Publishes Notice Signalling End of Clean Vehicle Rebate Program
The Sacramento Electric Vehicle Association, SacEV, has published a notice that the Clean Vehicle Rebate Program (CVRP) will be ending soon, and that individuals who have purchased qualifying electric vehicles should submit their applications ASAP.
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NGVi Cummins INSITE and QSOL Training
NGVi is offering a Live Virtual Cummins INSITE & QSOL Training on May 25. Technicians will gain a high-level understanding of J1939 Datalink structure, symptom troubleshooting information and optimizing ECM parameters.
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NGVi CNG Station Operation and Maintenance Training
NGVI is also offering their “Essentials of CNG Station Operation and Maintenance” training maintenance technicians and CNG station operators, including preventative maintenance, troubleshooting and diagnostics.
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Allison Transmission Announces FuelSense 2.0
Allison has announced their latest FuelSense software update, FuelSense® 2.0 that can deliver up to 6% improved fuel economy above the original FuelSense software. The software improvements include eliminating the load on the engine when the vehicle is in neutral (with roll-back protection) and acceleration control to eliminate aggressive driving.
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Alternative Fuel Insight
GM's BrightDrop Logistics and Delivery
GM BrightDrop is an integrated Last Mile/Last FOOT logistics system that will combine GM’s EV600 package van (250 miles of range) that will carry a set of self-propelled electric package carts capable of carrying up to 200 pounds of material (packages, food, tools, medical supplies, books, etc.) from the van to the doorstep.
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Daimler Opens Orders For eCascadia
Daimler Trucks North America has opened the order books for their eCascadia Class 8 (250 mile range) and eM2 Class 6/7 (230 mile range) battery electric trucks. Production is scheduled to begin in Q4 of 2022.
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Electric Chevy Silverado Pickup Truck
Chevy Silverado EV PIckup Truck is being teased as having a 400 mile range, and will be available in both a basic work truck configuration and with high-end trim levels. The gasoline Silverado is due for a refresh in 2022, so the EV version is not
likely to appear until 2024.
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Vehicle Miles Traveled Declined in 2020
Vehicle miles traveled (VMT) in 2020 declined due to the pandemic. April 2020 marked the lowest point, which was 40% lower than April 2019. Overall, VMT in 2020 was about 10% lower.
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Refineries Report
The LCFS Credit for 1 MT of CO2 is $178.00. 
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