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Special Announcement
ACT Expo Excellent Fleet Awards
  • Fleets dedicated to the betterment of the transportation sector
  • Recognition of fleet operators who show true leadership in sustainable transportation practices
  • Nomination Categories: Public Fleet, Private Fleet, Off-road Fleet, Shipper, Global Fleet, Long Haul Fleet
  • Nominations Due December 15
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CARB Workshop on Proposed Amendments to the Advanced Clean Trucks Regulation
Nov 13
  • Removing the “ultimate purchaser” sales requirement from annual reporting
  • Increasing the length of the deficit makeup period for up to three years
  • Clarifying definitions
  • Better alignment with the Advanced Clean Cars II regulation credit provisions for MD vehicles
  • Modifying reporting requirements.
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Grants Accepting Applications
VW Zero-Emission Freight and Marine (ZEFM) Grant Fund Open
  • $20M Available
  • Stacking with CORE Allowed
  • Eligible equipment includes forklifts (>8,000#) Airport GSE, Terminal Tractors, Ferries/Tug Repowers, Shore Power & More
  • First-come, First-served basis until funding is exhausted 
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Clean Off-Road Equipment (CORE) Funding Available
  • Voucher Incentives for the purchase of Heavy-duty Off-road Equipment 
  • $182M Available
  • First Come/First Served Basis Until Funds are Exhausted
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Innovative Small E-Fleet (ISEF) Funding
  • $83M set aside for ISEF within the HVIP Program
  • Incentives for small fleets that seek to deploy battery electric or hydrogen fuel cell trucks
  • Fleets with < 20 trucks and <$15M annual revenue (NGOs are exempt from the revenue cap)
  • Program runs until all funds are allocated 
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DOE Commercial-Scale Distributed Energy Systems Demonstration Projects
  • $50M to develop more reliable, resilient, and cost-effective energy systems
  • To support EVs, energy storage, and the electrification of buildings and industry
  • Provide more resilient power delivery and assist with grid resilience
  • 50% cost share
  • Concept papers due by November 16
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2023 DERA Announced
  • Diesel Emission Reduction Act for 2023
  • $115M to reduce emissions from the nation’s existing fleet of older diesel engines
  • Applications due by December 1, 2023
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CEC $38M for EVSEs in Low-Income and DAC Communities
  • Rebates are available for installations by businesses, nonprofits, tribes and public entities
  • Covers 50% of project cost up to $100K
  • Awards will be based in part on project readiness.
  • Funding Closes on Dec 12.
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EPA Clean School Bus Program 2023
  • Funding for the purchase of up to 25 ZEV Buses and/or clean buses
  • Funding for EVSE and workforce development are included
  • Priority given to tribal and DAC schools
  • Applications due January 31st at 4pm ET
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EPA $4.6B for Climate Reduction Act Grants
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Sacramento Clean Cities Sponsors Make The News
Hertz Slowing EV Introduction
Hertz has decided to slow their introduction of EVs due to higher-than-expected repair costs and the lower-than-expected resale value. 
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ZEV Volvo Truck Technology
In addition to their work developing battery electric trucks, Volvo is moving forward with development of two additional ZEV technologies: Fuel Cell Electric Trucks and Hydrogen Combustion Engine trucks. 
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Alternative Fuel Insight
Silverado EVs
In a telephone conversation with Sacramento Clean Cities, GM stated that they will be producing the Silverado EV “Fleet Work Truck” in 2024. Previous announcements about their slowdown of production applies to their retail Silverado EV.
CA EV Sales Buck National Trend
While sales of EVs are dropping in other states, they are rising in California. EVs represented 22.3% of all new car sales in California and plug-in hybrids represented 3.3% of sales.
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Natural Hydrogen Deposits
Natural hydrogen deposits have been known for decades, but recent activities have led to an understanding that they are much more common and much larger than was historically believed. As the geological conditions that lead to natural underground hydrogen formation become better understood, production is likely to skyrocket. 
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eTrikes Evolve into "Semi-Trikes"
Civilized Cycles is piloting two EV “Semi-Trike” sizes, a 96 and a 200 cubic foot trailer. The “Semi-Trike” can carry up to 1,000 lb of cargo on an aluminum trailer chassis with drum brakes, 8” wheels, a 1.2kW motor and a self-leveling air suspension.
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Ioniq 6 Price Cut
Hyundai is following Tesla’s price-cutting lead by announcing up to a $4,100 reduction in the base level Ioniq 6 and $3,050 off the price of the long-range model. 
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PG&E Commitment to RNG
PG&E has made two significant announcements about Renewable Natural Gas (RNG). First, they plan to procure California-produced RNG to supply to their customers. Second, they are developing a biomass-to-RNG technology at West Biofuels in Woodland.
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Southwest Airlines Uses SAF
Southwest Airlines has signed a 20 year agreement with USA BioEnergy for Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) sufficient to avoid 30 million metric tons of CO2.
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BP Reports US Offshore Wind Industry Fundamentally Broken
BP’s head of renewable energy has said that the US offshore wind industry is “Fundamentally broken,” due to equipment reliability, supply chain issues and major cost increases that have plagued all wind projects. The world’s largest offshore wind developer had a write-down of $5.6B.
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Capital Corridor Sacramento to Roseville Enhancement
The Capital Corridor’s operations between Roseville and Sacramento, currently limited to one train per day with mid-day trips by bus will be enhanced to 10 train trips per day by 2029. 
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CARB Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) Credits-$65.00
Bio-produced Hydrogen 
Cemvita Factory has tested a special formulation of bacteria and nutrients that they injected into a depleted oil well. The bacteria consumed the residual oil and exuded hydrogen and carbon dioxide. This source of renewable hydrogen could be used in thousands of depleted oil wells around the US. 
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LCFS Renewable Fuel Pathways
  • California Average Grid Electricity Carbon Intensity: California average grid electricity used as a transportation fuel in California: 79.43 to 81.49gCO2e/MJ.
  • Check CARB Carton Intensity (CI)I Pathways Here
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