Special Announcement
Electriphi Fleet Electrification Services
Electriphi, a company that provides a full menu of fleet electrification services will provide information on the importance of vehicle fleet charge management, and an overview of their pilot project at the Twin Rivers School District on March 16, 2021 at noon.
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US Department of Transportation Infrastructure Grant Program
The U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) has released the 2021 Infrastructure Grant Program (INFRA). In addition to traditional road and bridge projects, the 2021 INFRA will entertain ZEV infrastructure projects. 
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US Department of Energy Grant Solicitation
The US Department of Energy (DOE) Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) has announced a grant solicitation for innovative energy strategies across a broad spectrum of categories, a few of which include: Grid Scale Batteries Energy Storage, Grid Scale Non-Battery Energy Storage, Grid Reliability, Transportation Management, Combined Heat & Power, Building Heating & Cooling, Building Energy Management, Combined Heat & Power, Stationary Fuel Cells.
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New California Updates, Regulations, and Requirements
Advanced Clean Fleets Workshop
Advanced Clean Fleets Workshop 3/2/21 & 3/4/21: This regulation will require fleets in California to move to zero-emission vehicles in accordance with governor Newsom’s executive order. The evening presentation has been moved from 3/4/21 to 3/2/21. You must re-register for the evening presentation.
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Sacramento Clean Cities Sponsors Make The News
DANNAR Mobile Power Station Attachments
DANNAR Mobile Power Station (MPS) can accept over 250 attachments (backhoe, bucket, scissor lift, broom, etc.) from every major equipment manufacturer (Cat, Deere, Bobcat, etc.) and operate at zero emissions. The MPS can also serve as an on-site or mobile electrical energy storage and dispensing system for grid, mini-grid or remote power management.  
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SacRT Awarded Funds Under Zero-Emission Transit Fleet Infrastructure Deployment
SacRT has been awarded $4,986,250 under CARB GFO 20-602, “Zero-Emission Transit Fleet Infrastructure Deployment.” 
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Nikola Announces Hydrogen Fuel Cell Truck
Nikola has announced that they will begin building their “Tre” cabover hydrogen fuel cell truck in Q2 of 2021 with plans to begin pilot operations in Q1 2022. 
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Lordstown Motors Entering Endurance EV Pickup in 2021 SCORE International San Felipe 250
Lordstown Motors is entering their Endurance EV Pickup Truck in the 2021 SCORE International San Felipe 250, a 290 mile loop through the Baja California desert, a race filled with dust, grit, boulders, gullies and nearly everything necessary to thoroughly test the 4 wheel drive Endurance.
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Alternative Fuel Insight
Electric Vehicles Poised to Replace ICE Vehicles
President Biden has taken steps to significantly expand US efforts to replace all ICE vehicles with electric vehicles, including plans to have 100% of all buses made in the US be electric by 2030. Despite these goals, data from California EV drivers shows that EVs are driven less than half as many miles as ICE vehicles. 
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Ballard Power Systems and Chart Industries Joint Agreement to Work on Hydrogen Solutions
Ballard Power Systems and Chart Industries have signed an MOU to do joint development work on hydrogen storage and power systems for heavy-duty vehicles from trucks and buses to rail and marine vessels.
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Hyundai Explores Battery Leasing
Hyundai has signed an MOU with the Korean government and KST Mobility to develop a battery leasing program for their EVs. This approach will also help channel used EV batteries into secondary uses and finally help manage proper recycling at the end of their useful life. 
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USPS Mail Delivery Vehicle Replacement Contract
The Post Office announced that they will award their mail delivery vehicle replacement contract for 165,000 right-hand drive vehicles to Oshkosh Defense. The order will be filled over the next 10 years with a mix of battery-electric and internal combustion engine drivetrains. 
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DOE's Energy Office Develops EV Fact Sheet
The DOE’s Energy Office has developed a fact sheet with additional resource information that dealerships interested in selling more electric vehicles can use to develop in-house expertise.
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United Airlines Initiating Discussions with Archer Air Taxis
United Airlines has initiated discussions with Archer to purchase up to 200 battery-electric Vertical Take Off and Land (VTOL) air taxis.  Archer is designing a four passenger, short range (60 miles) taxi to serve commuters and airport access. 
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Tesla Model Y Standard Model Discontinued
The Tesla Model Y “Standard Model” is being dropped from the Tesla lineup because, as Tweeted by Elon Musk, the 244 mile range did not measure up to Tesla’s current standards. The Model Y Performance (303 miles) and “Long Range” (326 miles) remain in the Tesla order book.
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Refineries Report
California Refineries: For the week ending 2/19/21, refineries in California produced 5,829  barrels of gasoline and 1,944 barrels of diesel. The current LCFS Credit for 1 MT of CO2 is $191.00.
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