2020 Clean Cities Events
Sacramento Clean Fuel Technology Workshop
8/24- The 2020 Green Technology Summit and Expo
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10/6 - Training for Natural Gas Vehicle Technicians
Sacramento Clean Cities News
100 Best Fleets 2020 Nominations
100 Best Fleets , a Sacramento Clean Cities Coalition partner, is opening 2020 nominations. Applications will be accepted until July 27, and will be announced on August 25.
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Sacramento Clean Cities Coalition Sponsors Making the News!
EV ARC in Richmond
Envision Solar , manufacturers of the EV ARC and a Sacramento Clean Cities Coalition sponsor deployed one of their solar charging systems at the Marina Bay Park in the City of Richmond. The City purchased the EV ARC using the California State Contract #1-18-61-16 and a grant from the Bay Area Air District. The unit includes an emergency power panel, which allows first responders access to electricity in power outages.
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US Gain Renewable Natural Gas
US GAIN , a Sacramento Clean Cities Coalition sponsor, has announced a major renewable natural gas (RNG) project that will bring RNG from dairy digesters in Wisconsin to heavy-duty vehicles in California. RNG from dairy digesters is one of the lowest greenhouse gas fuels available for heavy-duty vehicles. US GAIN is also a growing provider of natural gas stations in California.
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Alternative Fuel Insight
Daimler Electric Truck Initiative
Daimler’s Freightliner company has introduced the MT50e, a Class 6 straight truck using Proterra’s 226kWh battery system. Daimler/Freightliner is also adding six HD eCascadia and two MD eM2 models for customer testing in 2020. 
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Honda Hybrid Crossover SUV
Honda has joined the Toyota RAV 4 and the Ford Escape in the hybrid crossover SUV class. With a 1.4kWh battery pack, it’s not going to go very far in EV-only mode, but at an EPA rated 38mpg, it’s close to the 40mpg that Toyota and Ford enjoy, but it does have all wheel drive .
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FLX eBike
The FLX eBike, named the “Babymaker,” has a clean carbon fiber belt, hydraulic disk brakes, all cabling and batteries hidden inside a standard-sized aluminum frame, and a small hub motor. It is a stealth electric bicycle, available soon for $2,669 With a 50 mile range and a cruising speed of 25mph, you can reserve one on pre-sale for $1,281.  
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Volvo Autonomous Driving
Volvo is hinting that they will take a step closer to autonomous driving, called “Highway Pilot” with their 2022 XC90. This would likely be a subscription service and operational only on specific sections of highway under specific conditions.
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Gas To Power Electrical Energy Storage
Gas-to-power will be the long term electrical energy storage solution to balancing renewable energy production with energy demand. Renewable production from sources like solar and wind is not consistently available and does not always match energy demand, either on a daily basis or a seasonal basis. Batteries are good for short-term energy storage, but making and storing hydrogen when renewable power production outstrips demand means the hydrogen can run through a fuel cell to make electricity when demand outstrips the renewable supply.
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Refineries Report
For the week ending 5/1/20, refineries in California produced 198,114 gallons of gasoline and 93,324 gallons of diesel. This represents a modest INCREASE in gasoline production of 5%, but another DECREASE in diesel production of 2%. This week’s diesel production decrease follows a 19% decrease last week, clearly reflecting continuing economic slowing. 
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