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NorCal Fleet Academy and Expo
The NorCal Fleet Academy and Expo will be held October 6 & 7, 2021 in Sacramento.
Registration Now Open
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Professional Training for: Fleet Managers, Technicians, Spec Writers & Grant Writers. 
Displays of the latest in vehicles, equipment and fleet technologies. Interested in displaying at the Academy? Check our sponsor page Here.
If your preferred class is full, let us know. We may be able to help.
New Updates, Regulations, and Requirements
EVPowerPod Remote EV Charging
EVPowerPod - Remote EV Charging and Grid Resilience: The Sacramento Clean Cities Coalition, working with partners at A-Z Bus, BREATHE and Autumn Wind Associates demonstrated a trailer-mounted, 100kW, propane-powered generator on 9/1/21 at A-Z in Sacramento and on 9/3/21 in Redding. The unit powers an on-board EVSE and also functions as a rapidly-deployable, low-emission power generation unit for grid resiliency and emergencies. 
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NG Generators Approved Under Temporary Permits
Five 30MW NG Generators were approved under temporary permits by the CEC according to Bloomberg News. These permits have come only a month after governor Newsom declared a state of emergency over the state’s electrical grid capacity shortfalls.
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Sacramento Clean Cities Sponsors Make The News
Sacramento Area Zero Emission Deployment Strategy
The Sac Metro Air District, SACOG, SMUD, and SacRT have joined together to create the “Sacramento Area Zero Emission Deployment Strategy” calling on the federal government to invest $970M in the Sacramento Region to advance clean transportation energy.
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Nikola Makes Major Announcements
Nikola, a rapidly growing US-based company making heavy-duty fuel cell trucks has made two major announcements: 
  • Nikola has signed an agreement with the Bosh Group to build Bosh fuel cells at the Nikola manufacturing facility in Coolidge, Arizona; 
  • Nikola has added Quinn Company, with facilities in 15 Central and Southern California counties, as a sales and service provider.
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Read more about the addition of Quinn Here
Alternative Fuel Insight
Hyundai Genesis
Hyundai’s luxury-brand, Genesis, will be 100% electric, with a combination of fuel cell vehicles (FCV) and battery-electric vehicles (BEV) by 2030. Beginning in 2025, all new models introduced by Genesis will be BEV or FCV. 
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Hyundai Hydrogen
Hyundai Hydrogen Plans: Hyundai has major plans for hydrogen, adding light-duty cars to their lineup, introducing heavy-duty Class 8 trucks and also including innovative autonomous yard hostlers, emergency vehicles with drone accessories, race cars, aircraft and modular power generation that can be daisy-chained from kilowatts to megawatts. 
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Toyota Fuel Cell Heavy Duty Truck
Toyota’s Hino Fuel Cell Truck: Toyota has introduced their prototype Class 8 Fuel Cell Truck at the ACT Expo in Long Beach. Toyota has also supplied fuel cells on a number of Kenworth trucks currently accumulating in-use operational data operating in Southern California. 
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Fuel Cell Aircraft
HyPoint Fuel Cells Powering eVTOL Aircraft: HyPoint has signed a $6.5M agreement with Piasecki Aircraft Corp. to supply a 650kW hydrogen fuel cell power system for a Piasecki PA-890 eVTOL compound helicopter, slated to be the first hydrogen-powered manned helicopter. The HyPoint fuel cell system has a power density of 1,500Wh/kg [approximately 7.5x the energy density of current Li Ion batteries and 4.5x the energy density of projected solid state batteries]. Hypoint and Piasecki expect to be making commercial aircraft deliveries by 2025 targeting medical emergency and urban commute markets.
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China Leads Worldwide Coal Use
China Leads the Sharp Increase in Worldwide Coal Use: The use of coal for electric energy production has increased dramatically worldwide over the past two years. China’s electric energy has grown by 14% with coal supplying twice the energy of wind and solar combined in China. 
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Autonomous EVs May Increase Emissions
Autonomous EVs May Increase Congestion and Emissions: A Harvard study has concluded that transportation emissions and congestion are both likely to increase as autonomous vehicles make personal trips easier and make the planning associated with carpooling less appealing. 
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Electric Vehicles Powerless During Hurricanes
“Electric Vehicles Powerless During Hurricanes” is a headline in a recent article in Forbes highlighting the problems EVs are facing now, and will be facing on a larger scale as more EVs are put into service, including into public safety fleets, when natural disasters like hurricanes, forest fires and unseasonable hard freezes strike.
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Idle Free
IDLE FREE is an educational program that helps drivers learn driving behaviors that reduce fuel consumption, emissions and maintenance costs, and can also help drivers improve their hard acceleration, hard braking and excessive speed behaviors.
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Refineries Report
The LCFS Credit for 1 MT of CO2 is $175.00
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Conferences and Programs
Electrification Retrofits for Utility Trucks
Electrification Retrofits for Utility Trucks Viatec and the Green Technology Roundtable will host a webinar on utility truck energy efficiency and vehicle idling elimination. The webinar will be on September 15 at 10am.  
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Green California Schools Summit
The Green California Schools Summit will be held in Pasadena on November 4th, and will have a virtual online presence. Join in on the informative education program which features segments on EV infrastructure, facilities, funding and an exhibits
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Fleet Forward Conference
The Fleet Forward Conference, FFC21, focused on educating fleet operators on a broad range of electrification, autonomous vehicles, telematics and more, in San Jose, November 10 - 12.
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