2020 Clean Cities Events
Sacramento Clean Fuel Technology Workshop
8/24- The 2020 Green Technology Summit and Expo
  • Sac Clean Cities Coalition Stakeholders qualify for a registration discount if they use SACCC30.
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8/26-  The 4th annual Sustainable Fleet Technology Conference & Expo
  • Will be August 26-27, 2020 at the Durham Convention Center in Durham, NC.
  • Online registration will be available soon

10/6 - Training for Natural Gas Vehicle Technicians
Sacramento Clean Cities News
100 Best Fleets 2020 Nominations
100 Best Fleets , a Sacramento Clean Cities Coalition partner, is opening 2020 nominations. Applications will be accepted until July 27, and will be announced on August 25.
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Sacramento Clean Cities Coalition Sponsors Making the News!
Motiv Webinar
Motiv , a Sacramento Clean Cities Coalition sponsor, will cosponsor a webinar on procuring EVs and EVSE with the Denver Metro Clean Cities Coalition and the Town of Estes Park.
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US Gain Renewable Natural Gas
U.S. GAIN , a Sacramento Clean Cities Coalition sponsor has become the largest Renewable Natural Gas supplier in Oregon. US GAIN is also a major supplier of RNG in California, bringing dairy digester and landfill gas to over 30 sites in Northern and Southern California .
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Nissan Leaf
Nissan , a Sacramento Clean Cities Coalition sponsor, presented the 2020 Leaf at the April PEV Collaborative meeting. The 2020 Leaf is available with Nissan’s driver-assist package, "ProPILOT Assist," and some amazing financing and purchasing incentives including incorporating the federal tax credit in the price.
PEV Presentation Here
Incentives Here
CyberSwitching Portable Charger
CyberSwitching , a Sacramento Clean Cities Coalition sponsor, has developed a portable charger that connects to any 110v or 240v outlet and uses intelligent technology that cycles power to charge up to four vehicles from one EVSE.
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Alternative Fuel Insight
Grid Emissions Charging EVs
Grid emissions charging EVs in California are significantly lower than in other states.
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Tesla Leaving California
Tesla, has announced that they may take their headquarters and their Fremont production plant and move lock, stock and barrel out of California to either Nevada or Texas.
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SparkCharge Portable Charging
Three towing companies in San Francisco and Los Angeles are testing out a portable charging system, the “SparkCharge.” This suitcase-size system uses the same cylindrical lithium-ion batteries that are used by Tesla, and is said to be able to provide one mile of range per minute of charge.  
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Ford Mach-E and FordPass
Ford has upgraded the maximum charging rate of the Mach-E SUV. The top-end models, using 150kW DCFC can gain 61 miles of range in 10 minutes and go from 10% to 80% state of charge in 45 minutes. Ford has also announced that their FordPass charging network now has 13,500 stations with 40,000 connectors.
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Refineries Report
For the week ending 5/8/20, refineries in California produced 209,202 gallons of gasoline and 102,480 gallons of diesel. This represents another modest INCREASE in gasoline production of 5%, and a turnaround in diesel production from a drop of 2% last week to an INCREASE of almost 10% this week.
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