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Tech & Spec Webinar Schedule
Sacramento Clean Cities “Tech & Spec” Webinar Series 11am - 12 noon
What fleet managers, lead technicians and specification writers need to know
  • 11/11 Successful Grant Writing and Finding Grant Opportunities (11am - 12noon)
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  • 11/17 EV Maintenance & Buying a Used EV (12noon -12:30)
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  • 12/9   HD BEV Do’s and Don’ts (11am - 12noon)
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  • 12/15 Lordstown Motors Endurance Electric PIckup Truck (12noon - 12:30)
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New California Updates, Regulations, and Requirements
Sacramento Ranks Third in EV Infrastructure Readiness
The City of Sacramento has scored third highest of every metro area in the US on an EV Infrastructure Readiness study done by the Rocky Mountain Institute.
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Sacramento Clean Cities Sponsors Make The News
Twin Rivers Unified School District Makes Top 25 Sustainable Fleets
Twin Rivers School District is one of top 25 Fleets identified by GreenBiz as the most Sustainable Fleets in the United States! The Sacramento Region congratulates Timothy Shannon, Transportation Manager at Twin Rivers for his outstanding work in moving his school bus fleet toward zero emissions. 
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Nikola and US Gain Combine to Put Anheuser-Busch on Top 25 Sustainable Fleets
Nikola and US Gain have both combined to put Anheuser-Busch on the GreenBiz list of the 25 most Sustainable Fleets in the US: Nikola will supply 800 zero-emission fuel cell trucks and US Gain is supplying Renewable Natural Gas to their 1,600 truck fleet.
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US Gain is the Largest Supplier of RNG to Oregon
US Gain, one of the largest suppliers of Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) to California and is now the largest supplier of RNG to the state of Oregon. 
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Geotab Keyless Car Share Solution
Geotab has introduced “Keyless,” a car sharing hardware and software solution that integrates a secured digital key function with a comprehensive and data-driven fleet management product. Sacramento County Fleet Management will be piloting a demonstration of “Keyless”.
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Motiv Awarded Contract for Battery Electric Shuttle Bus
Motiv has been awarded a competitively-bid contract by the Morongo Basin Transit Authority for their battery-electric “Epic 450” shuttle bus. The Epic 450 is upfit on the Ford F450 platform, has over 100,000 miles of faultless in-use performance history and is configured for L2 and DCFC charging.
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Toyota to Introduce Class 8 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Truck
Toyota and their truck subsidiary Hino will be introducing a Class 8 hydrogen fuel cell truck into the US market, with the first demonstration trucks arriving in Q2, 2021. The truck will be the Hino XL Series, and will use Toyota’s proven fuel cell technology. 
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Toyota Hybrid Owners Keep Cars Longer
Toyota hybrid owners, on average, keep their cars much longer than owners of other vehicles, as reported in a report from iSeeCars.
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Western Propane Gas Association Webinar
The Western Propane Gas Association (WPGA) will be holding a webinar, “The Path to Renewable Propane,” on November 4 from 9am to 12:30pm Pacific time. The webinar will feature:
  • Keynote Speaker: California Assemblymember Jim Cooper
  • Eric Johnson, Managing Director, Atlantic Consulting
  • Stefan Unnasch, Managing Director, Life Cycle Associates
  • Rebecca Boudreaux, President and CEO, Oberon Fuels
  • Curtis Powers, Manager, Compliance, SCM, Renewable Energy Group
  • Jeff Stewart, President, Blue Star Gas
  • Josh Simpson, Vice President Marketing, Kamps Propane
  • John Barnett, Propane Program Manager, U-Haul International
  • Gary Dodson, Manager of Fleet Maintenance, Elk Grove School District
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Alternative Fuel Insight
Tesla Semi Depends on Battery Cell Supply
Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said that the Semi can’t move aggressively forward because of a shortage of cells, with the Semi needing four to six times as many as the Model S.  
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Wireless EV Charging
The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) has developed a standard for inductive charging of electric vehicles, SAE J2954. This will cover inductive chargers up to 11kW.
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LG Chem Plans to Triple Production of Cylindrical Cells
LG Chem has taken a page from Tesla’s battery technology, and is now making cylindrical cells, including supplying Tesla, and is planning to triple production. They have also announced that they are developing a version of cylindrical cells with 5X energy density and 6X the power delivery.
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Navistar Sold to Traton
Navistar’s board has approved the sale of Navistar to Traton, a wholly owned subsidiary of Volkswagen, at a cost of $3.69B. Traton’s current truck brands include MAN, Scania and Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus.
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Fiat Reveals New Body Versions for Electric 500
Fiat is making the 2021 500e available with an optional passenger side door that is hinged on the rear side of the door. This allows the door to open away from the front passenger side door, creating a very large opening for easier rear seat access.  
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Refineries Report
California Refineries: For the week ending 10/16/20, refineries in California produced 6,423 barrels of gasoline and 2,162 barrels of diesel. Gasoline production was up by 2% and diesel production was down by 4.5% from last week’s production numbers. The 10/29/20 wholesale spot price of propane on the Mont Belvieu Texas board was 52.9¢ per gallon, up a fraction.. 
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