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Tech & Spec Webinar Schedule
Sacramento Clean Cities “Tech & Spec” Webinar Series 11am - 12 noon
What fleet managers, lead technicians and specification writers need to know
  • 10/28 Propane near-zero emission drivetrains Class 3 - Class 7
  • Specing and maintaining propane near-zero emission engines with renewable propane for the minimizing TCO bus and truck operations 
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  • 11/11 Successful Grant Writing and Finding Grant Opportunities
  • 12/9   HD BEV Do’s and Don’ts
New California Updates, Regulations, and Requirements
Future of Mobility Showcase
The Sacramento Air District, a Sacramento Clean Cities Coalition sponsor, will provide subject matter experts for a virtual presentation about the Future of Mobility, the California Mobility Center, Sacramento regional efforts to improve equity and increase access to future mobility technology and how the private sector can help to solve public sector problems related to transportation. 
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Sacramento Clean Cities Sponsors Make The News
Geotab Keyless Solution for Car Sharing Fleets
Geotab has introduced “Keyless,” facilitating corporate car sharing, vehicle management automation and remote vehicle management. Keyless can also be paired with any vehicle reservation system.
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Lightning Systems Battery Electric Passenger Vans and Buses Available for Government and Non-Profits
Lightning Systems has Class 3 - 5 battery electric passenger vans and buses listed on a cooperative purchase agreement publicly bid by the Morongo Basin Transit Authority and available for government agencies and non-profit organizations.
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Toyota Expands Hydrogen Fuel Cell Use to Marine Applications
Toyota has expanded the use of their hydrogen fuel cell applications from cars [Mirai] and trucks [Hino] to now include marine applications. The Toyota fuel cell system is now available in the Hynova 40, a twelve-meter, twelve passenger yacht.
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Western Propane Gas Association Webinar
The Western Propane Gas Association (WPGA) will be holding a webinar, “The Path to Renewable Propane,” on November 4 from 9am to 12:30pm Pacific time. The webinar will feature:
  • Keynote Speaker: California Assemblymember Jim Cooper
  • Eric Johnson, Managing Director, Atlantic Consulting
  • Stefan Unnasch, Managing Director, Life Cycle Associates
  • Rebecca Boudreaux, President and CEO, Oberon Fuels
  • Curtis Powers, Manager, Compliance, SCM, Renewable Energy Group
  • Jeff Stewart, President, Blue Star Gas
  • Josh Simpson, Vice President Marketing, Kamps Propane
  • John Barnett, Propane Program Manager, U-Haul International
  • Gary Dodson, Manager of Fleet Maintenance, Elk Grove School District
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Nikola Sets the Record Straight
Nikola has a detailed response to the SEC, completely refuting the allegations of deceptive practices that were made in the Hindenburg Research report published in September. Nikola’s response indicates that Hindenburg is a market short seller, and may have intentionally manipulated the market for financial gain. 
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Nikola May Drop Badger Pickup Truck
Nikola has also announced that they may drop the “Badger” pickup truck line if their previously announced deal with GM does not materialize. 
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Transpower Supplying Battery Storage to Peterbilt
Transpower is supplying the battery storage and electric drive systems to Peterbilt, for their Model 520 battery-electric refuse truck.
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Alternative Fuel Insight
Volvo Trucks Receives Grant for Class 8 Truck Tractors
Volvo Trucks has received a grant from the US EPA and the South Coast Air District to put 70 Class 8 truck tractors into service in the LA area, providing operational data through Q3 of 2022.
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Tesla Model S Price Cut
Tesla has announced two price cuts on the Model S in two weeks, lowering the price by $5,500. This price cut appears to be in response to the announced price of the Lucid Air, a model that will compete directly with the Model S.
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Tesla Announces Range Increase
Tesla has also announced 5% - 10% range increases for the new Model 3, Model X and Model Y. Tesla hasn’t yet certified these new ranges with EPA.
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GM Remodels Michigan Factory to be Zero-Emission Vehicle Factory
GM has has completely remodeled their factory in Hamtrack Michigan to be their zero-emission vehicle factory, naming it “Factory Zero” and making it the location where their new generation of electric Hummers and Cadillacs will be manufactured.
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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Plane
ZeroAvia has test-flown a Piper M-class six-seat electric airplane powered by a hydrogen fuel cell under a program funded by the British government. 
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California Gives Vehicle Manufacturers Warning To Come Clean on Emissions Cheats
CARB has sent a letter to all vehicle manufacturers, warning them to come forward now before they commission their new lab with more sophisticated testing equipment and then dramatically increase fines for failing to comply with strict emission standards. VW, Mercedes and Fiat Chrysler have already been fined over $3B.
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College To Develop Battery Electric Technician Training Program
Northern College [in Ontario, Canada 350 miles north of Toronto] and Sandvik [a major mining conglomerate with multiple locations in Canada] have entered into an MOU to train technicians to work on battery electric equipment used in mining operations.
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Corn Farmers Concerned EV Push Will Tank Ethanol Sales
Corn farmers and the Ethanol Industry are expressing significant concerns that the California commitment to ban the sale of internal combustion engines and allow only ZEVs in cars by 2035 will essentially end the ethanol market in California. 
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Refineries Report
California Refineries: For the week ending 10/9/20, refineries in California produced 6,300 barrels of gasoline and 2,264 barrels of diesel. Gasoline production was down by 8.3% and diesel production was up down by 4.3% from last week’s production numbers. The 10/13/20 wholesale spot price of propane on the Mont Belvieu Texas board was 52.5¢ per gallon. 
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