Special Announcement
NorCal Fleet Academy and Expo
SAVE THE DATE for the NorCal Fleet Academy and Expo October 6 & 7, 2021. 
Professional Training for: Fleet Managers, Technicians, Spec Writers & Grant Writers. 
Displays of the latest in vehicles, equipment and fleet technologies.
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County of Sacramento Sustainability Manager Position Opening
County of Sacramento has listed the position of Sustainability Manager, responsible for developing and overseeing a wide variety of sustainability programs. Application filing deadline is August 19.
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County of Sacramento Energy Program Manager Position Opening
County of Sacramento has listed the position of Energy Program Manager, with responsibilities for County owned and leased equipment and physical facilities, and the development, implementation, and evaluation of energy conservation and management programs. The final filing date is August 6.
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Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust for Freight and Marine Vehicles
The Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust for Freight and Marine vehicles and equipment is open now with $34 million in funding on a first-come first-served solicitation. An additional $35 million is expected to be available in mid-2022.
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Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Fund for EVSE Extended
The $5 million Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Fund application deadline for the purchase and installation of new EVSE has been extended until August 18. An information workshop on the grant fund is scheduled for July 29 at 11am. 
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Sac Metro Air District Accepting Applications for Supplemental Environmental Impact Program
The Sac Metro Air District is now accepting applications for their Supplemental Environmental Impact Program. Up to $140,000 will be available in this round of funding, which closes on July 30. Eligible Projects must be in a District Priority Community. Eligible projects include:
  • Air Pollution Prevention or Reduction: 
  • Air Quality Related Education or Compliance Training: 
  • Community Air Monitoring:
  • Environmental Restoration and Protection: 
  • Projects considered on a case-by-case basis if there is a demonstrated substantial health or environmental benefit and are consistent with the District SEP Policy. 
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New Updates, Regulations, and Requirements
New EVSE Installer Requirement
New EVSE Installer Requirement: AB-841, the “Energy: Transportation Electrification: Energy Efficiency Programs: School Energy Efficiency Stimulus Program” authored by Assembly member Ting and signed into law by the governor on September 30, 2020, includes a requirement in section 740.2, that any EVSE installation funded in whole or in part by the PUC, the CEC or CARB must be done by a properly licensed electrician and at least one member of the installation crew must hold an Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program certification (EVITP).
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CARB's Community Air Grant Program
CARB’s Community Air Grant Program providing funds for engaging communities requirements for technical assistance is open now and closes on October 1, 2021.
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CARB's Workforce Training and Development Training
CARB’s Workforce Training and Development Training virtual workshop will be held on July 27 at 10am. This is a new allocation in the Funding Plan and CARB is seeking to collect feedback on Workforce Training and Development project goals and priorities. 
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Truckers Against Trafficking
Truckers Against Trafficking (TAT), is a nonprofit organization that trains drivers and others who are regularly on roadways and vehicle service sites to recognize the signs of human trafficking. Kendis Paris, Executive Director of TAT will provide insights into how TAT works to stop this dehumanizing criminal activity.
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Sacramento Clean Cities Sponsors Make The News
Nikola Adds Dealerships
Nikola has added 51 dealerships in California, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, Delaware, Maryland Virginia and Florida to their existing network of 65 dealerships in the Southeast, Midwest and Northeast. 
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Propane Shuttle Bus Lower in Cost/Mile
A Propane Shuttle Bus was lower in cost/mile and emissions than identical-size buses running on CNG, E85 and gasoline, according to a three-year, 38,000 mile/year analysis done by the New Mexico Clean Cities Coalition. GHG emissions would be even lower in California where Renewable Propane is available. 
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Ford Strategy for Charging EVs When They are Towed
Ford has patented a strategy for charging electric vehicles when they are being towed like many RV owners do now, towing their cars behind their RVs. This could be:
  • Full-time charging of the towed vehicle (placing a larger load on the towing vehicle);
  • Only charging the towed vehicle when the towing vehicle is going downhill (allowing regenerative braking in the towed vehicle to assist braking for the combination).
  • Allowing the towed vehicle to both push the towing vehicle uphill, and use regenerative braking when going downhill. 
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Alternative Fuel Insight
GM Advises Charging Outside Due to Fire Concerns
GM has again advised 2017 - 2019 Chevy Bolt owners to charge outdoors using “caution charging mode” to avoid vehicle fires. The N2.1 batteries delivered on mid-2019 and later models do not have any vehicle fire issues.GM provided a charging software update in May, but subsequent fires have been reported. 
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Tesla $25K Hatchback
Tesla announced a new hatchback as a 2023 model that will be smaller than the Model 3, but also significantly less expensive, with a target price under $25K. 
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Refineries Report
The LCFS Credit for 1 MT of CO2 is $178.00 
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Conferences and Programs
Role of Hydrogen
The Role of Hydrogen in California’s clean energy transition is the topic of a workshop that the CEC will host on July 28. 
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Green Transportation Summit and Expo
The Green Transportation Summit and Expo is in-person and virtual this summer August 16-18 at the Greater Tacoma Convention Center. featuring:
  • 20+ Virtual TechTalks
  • 2350+ Events attendance
  • 40+ Vehicles
  • 70+ Industry booths 
  • 135+ Industry speakers
Sacramento Clean Cities stakeholders use discount code: SACCC30 
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Advanced Clean Transportation Expo
Advanced Clean Transportation Expo, 8/30 - 9/2 at the Long Beach Convention Center
  • 250+ Sponsors & Exhibitors
  • All Alternative Fuels & Efficiency Technologies
  • 75+ Advanced Clean Vehicles Displayed
  • Ride & Drive Event
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Fleet Forward Conference
The Fleet Forward Conference, FFC21, focused on educating fleet operators on a broad range of electrification, autonomous vehicles, telematics and more, in San Jose, November 10 - 12.
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CARB Accepting Haagen-Smit Clean Air Nominations
CARB is now accepting nominations for the 2020-2021 Haagen-Smit Clean Air Awards. Nominations are due by August 10, 2021. Nominations are being accepted in each of the following seven categories
  • Climate Change
  • Community Service / Environmental Justice
  • Education
  • Environmental Policy
  • International Leadership
  • Research
  • Science / Technology
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