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  • Special Note: November 17 - CARB Off-Road Diesel Regulation Hearing Adoption Hearing
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Grants Accepting Applications
Sac Metro Air District Grant Program Now Open
  • $20M in Funding available - open until funds are full awarded
  • On-road, Off-road & Infrastructure Project Proposals Welcome
  • Applicants with a complete project proposal including a completed Payee Data Record form, usage and ownership documents, detailed price quotes, equipment photos, and other requirements are encouraged to apply.
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SACOG Mode Shift Grant Program
  • Applications due November 29
  • Projects that reduce car trips and provide new mobility solutions
  • Eligible applicants include: Local governments, special districts, NGOs, educational institutions
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PEV DAC Call For Projects
The Plug-in Electric Vehicle Collaborative’s Disadvantaged Communities Committee (PEV DAC) has published a grant application template and called for regional projects to be submitted. The template contains:
  • The 7 criteria that must be met, information about the applicant and project site
  • Additional information is also available to assist applicants:
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VW Mitigation Fund ZEV Transit, School & Shuttle Bus Funding
  • $130M Opened on 10/31/22 at 2pm
  • Funding awarded on a first-come, first-served basis
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CARB Soliciting Administrator for the Advanced Technology Demonstration and Projects
  • Applications due by December 16
  • Intended to move technologies from demonstration to commercial 
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Upcoming Workshops
Proposed In-Use Locomotive Regulation
November 17 - Virtual
  • The Governor’s Executive Order N-79-20 calls for 100 percent of off-road vehicles and equipment operations to be zero-emission by 2035.
  • The goal of this proposed regulation is to accelerate immediate adoption of advanced cleaner technologies for all locomotive operations.
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CARB Regulatory Webinar Training
  • December 1 - Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Operation & Maintenance
  • December 8 - Air Regulatory Overview for Public Schools in California
  • December 14 - Compliance Overview: Truck & Bus, Portable Equipment Rules
  • December 15 - CARB Smog Check for Heavy Trucks
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Zero-Emission Hydrogen Locomotive Webinar
December 16
  • Sierra Northern RR will be operating a hydrogen fuel-cell locomotive in West Sacramento
  • First of its kind, proof of concept
  • Zero-emission, environmentally friendly
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DOE Request for Information (RFI): Energy Efficiency Upgrades to Buildings Owned and Operated by Non-Profit Organizations
December 19
  • $50M available over five [federal] fiscal years
  • DOE is seeking information on: (1) Outreach, (2) Technical Assistance, (3) Criteria and Metrics, (4) Funding, (5) Partnerships and Community Benefits
  • Responses are due by Dec 19 or Dec 22 -(the federal posting lists both due dates in different places)
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New Updates, Regulations, and Requirements
CARB Extends ACF Deadline
The CARB board has directed staff to draft new regulatory language in the Advanced Clean Fleets regulation to provide greater flexibility for public agencies.The redrafted language is due by winter, 2023.
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CARB Off-Road Diesel Regulation Hearing
November 17 - Virtual & In-Person Adoption Hearing
  • Current regulations require fleet average emissions to be reduced
  • This regulation will mandate elimination of the older off-road vehicles 
US EPA Evaluating Additional Locomotive Regulations
The US EPA, responding to petitions from several state and regional air agencies and organizations, will be evaluating additional regulations to reduce locomotive NOx and PM emissions, including requiring faster fleet turnover and requiring stricter remanufacturing emission standards. 
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CEC Climate Innovation Program Workshop
November 25 - Virtual
  • Seeking public comment on developing the Climate Innovation Program
  • The goals of the program: Reduce more quickly at a lower cost and increase resiliency 
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Tax Credit Comments Requested
The U.S. Department of the Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) have released three notices requesting public input on several tax credit provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). These include:
  • Credits for Clean Hydrogen Production and Clean Fuel Production
  • Credit for CO2 Sequestration
  • Credit for Commercial Clean Vehicles and AFV Refueling Property Credit
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Hazardous Materials Transportation Certification Training (HAZMAT)
December 15
  • General Awareness/Familiarization Training
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Safety Training
  • Function Specific Training - Drivers
  • Sponsored by California Trucking Association (Member: $149, Non-Member $199)
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Sacramento Clean Cities Sponsors Make The News
Sacramento Clean Cities' Tim Taylor Honored by Department of Energy
The U.S. Department of Energy honored Tim Taylor of Sacramento #CleanCities Coalition for his steadfast leadership and contributions to furthering affordable, efficient, and clean transportation fuels and technologies in support of Sacramento’s transportation goals. Taylor is known for his diligent involvement with local fleets, continuous efforts to further development of transportation solutions in underserved communities, and commitment to sharing his wealth of industry knowledge.
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Toyota Avalon Hybrid
The Toyota Avalon is EPA rated at 43 mpg and in some test drives, it has averaged 50 mpg, even on hilly driving
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City of Roseville - Fleet Manager Position Open
  • Position Title - “Public Works Manager Fleet Services Division”
  • Directs the maintenance, schedule, work order programs, including asset management, and preventative maintenance
  • Salary Range: $109,913–$147,294
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Sacramento County Fleet Service Worker Positions Open
Sacramento County has an open listing to hire full-time Fleet Service Workers. The salary range is $50K to $61K with excellent benefits. Applicants will need to have some basic automotive knowledge. A partial list or requirements includes:
  • The safe use of tools used for basic automotive maintenance; 
  • Safety practices used in mechanical repair areas;
  • Keeping accurate maintenance records.
Check this LINK for more details and to apply
Alternative Fuel Insight
Kia EV Price Increase
Kia is joining many of the other EV manufacturers, with a $7,100 price hike over last year’s EV6 model. Supply chain issues and increased costs of raw materials seems to be plaguing all the EV OEMs. 
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Fire Protection for EV Batteries
Fire protection and thermal runaway propagation is an issue for lithium-based batteries. Materials that can help protect EVs include ceramics, mica, aerogels, foams, encapsulants, coatings, and phase change materials. 
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Plug Power Partners with Amazon
Plug Power has signed an agreement with Amazon to supply them with liquid green hydrogen to help decarbonize Amazon's operations as they move to net-zero carbon by 2040.
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Cenery Solutions Converts 2022 Toyota Tundra to Run on Biogas
Cenergy Solutions converted a Toyota Tundra, 5.7-liter, 8-cylinder engine to run on either gasoline, CNG, wellhead gas or biogas, expanding the fuels that it can inexpensively run on with low emissions while meeting California's strict emissions guidelines.
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LCFS Renewable Fuel Pathways
California Average Grid Electricity Carbon Intensity: California average grid electricity used as a transportation fuel in California: 76.73gCO2e/MJ.
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Low Carbon Fuel Credits-$119.50
Recent Carbon Intensity (CI) Pathway Applications 
  • B037801: Fuel Producer: Iwatani Corporation of America; Facility Name: Linde-Praxair; Liquefied Hydrogen produced in Pennsylvania using landfill gas, transported as liquefied hydrogen in tanker trailers and re-gasified at fueling stations in California.
  • B037802: Fuel Producer: Iwatani Corporation of America; Facility Name: Linde-Praxair; Gaseous Hydrogen produced in Pennsylvania using landfill gas, transported as gaseous hydrogen in tube trailers to refueling stations in California.
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Conferences and Programs
FORTH Roadmap Conference
May 15 - 17, 2023
  • Leading developments, best practices, and the future of electric, shared, and smart mobility. 
  • Four conference tracks, Vehicles, Charging, Impact and Cutting Edge
EVS36 "Driving the Transition to E-Mobility"
June 11 - 14, 2023 - Sacramento Convention Center
  • Annual international gathering of the world’s EV experts
  • Cutting-edge research 
  • Innovative technologies
  • EV Market developments
Read more about EVS36 Here
  • EVS36 Call for papers covering:
  • Research
  • Market and government programs
  • Activities across all fields related to hybrid, battery & fuel cell technologies
  • EV infrastructure and services.
Read more about submitting papers Here
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