Upcoming Clean Cities Webinars
Fleet ZEV Transition Planning
  • 10/27/21: Planning EV Infrastructure for Your Fleet 
  • Presentations
  • 11/3/21: Fleet Data Collection
  • Presentations
  • 11/10/21 10am: Medium-duty and Heavy-duty Transition Planning
  • Chris White, Senior Program Manager, Frontier Energy
  • Mike Usen, Electromobility and Resiliency Lead, DKS Associates
Registration is NOT required. Join at 10am (Pacific Time) on this LINK
Light-Duty EVs: Basic Maintenance and Troubleshooting
11/17/21 10am Basic Maintenance & Troubleshooting
  • General maintenance for EVs
  • Solving charging issues
  • Diagnosing regen braking issues
  • Maximizing battery health
  • Aashish (Ash) Dalal, BS/MS in Mechanical Engineering from UCD
  • 20 Years of EV, PHEV and ICE Technician Experience
  • Owner “Ohm Electric” (Diagnose, Repair, Upfit EVs)
  • Custom EV Builder
Registration is NOT required. Join at 10am (Pacific Time) on this LINK
Fleet ZEV Transition Regulations
  • 12/1/21 10am CARB Advanced Clean Fleet Rule 
  • All Public Agencies in California with one or more vehicles 8,501+ GVWR
  • All Fleets in the US with 50 or more vehicles 8,501+ GVWR that enter CA
  • All Fleets in the US with $50M+ in Gross Annual Revenue
  • 12/15/21 10am: CARB Heavy-duty Enhanced Inspection & Maintenance Rule
Applies to all vehicles with internal combustion engines registered in or operating CA
  • David Renschler, Fleet Division Manager, City of Fairfield & MEMA NorCal Vice Chairman
Registration is required and is available for Fleet Managers Only.
Fleet Managers Register for 12/1/21 (Advanced Clean Fleet Rule) Here
Fleet Managers Register for 12/15/21 (Enhanced Heavy-duty I/M Rule) Here
Grant Opportunities
EV Rebates Shrinking
The California Clean Vehicle Rebate Project, a point of sale discount for EVs and PHEVs will be cut from $1,500 to $750 on November 1. This does not affect the CVRP program “after purchase” buyer rebates.
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New Updates, Regulations, and Requirements
Build Back Better Update
The legislation has not been passed, but currently includes:
  • 30% tax credit for “commercial electric vehicles" of all weight classes & potentially off-road
  • Tax-exempt fleets will be eligible for the credit through a direct payment process
EVSE Interoperability/Communications
The California Energy Commission (CEC) will host a workshop to discuss charger communications and interoperability for its future charger investments 11/10/21 at 9am.
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EVSE Standards Regulation Background and FAQs
CARB has developed regulations for EVSE standards and an FAQ document that addresses frequently asked questions on the program.
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US DOT Webinars on Justice40 Initiative
The goal of the Justice40 Initiative is to deliver 40% of federal program dollars to disadvantaged communities. The US DOT will host two public meetings to present plans for transportation funding and to gather public input. 
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CARB Enhanced HD I/M Regulation Hearing
CARB will hold a hearing on the adoption of an enhanced Heavy-duty Inspection and Maintenance regulation on December 9 at 9am. The Enhanced HD I/M Regulation will require periodic testing of HD vehicles with internal combustion engines operating in California, including out-of-state vehicles that enter California, to ensure their emissions control systems are functioning properly.
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CARB Tier 5 Off-Road Diesel Standards
CARB held a workshop on 11/3/21 with proposed new emission standards for Off-road Diesel Engines. Proposed reductions for NOx and PM below Tier 4:
  • 100% for engines 19kW (25hp) or less (i.e. Zero-emission)
  • 75 - 90% for engines 19kW - 56kW (25hp - 75hp)
  • 75% for engines 56kW - 560kW (75hp - 750hp)
  • 50% for engines greater than 560kW (greater than 750hp)
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CARB Regulatory Program Compliance Training Sessions
The California Air Resources Board has a number of new regulations under development that will regulate all public fleets, most private fleets and many companies where trucks, buses or off-road equipment arrives or departs:
  • Overview of New Programs and Regulations
  • Off-Road Diesel Vehicle Regulation
  • Transport Refrigeration Units
  • Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Operation & Maintenance
  • CARB Diesel Truck Rules
  • Regulatory Overview for Public Agencies in California
  • Compliance Overview: Truck & Bus Rule, Off-Road Regulation, and Portable Equipment.
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Sacramento Clean Cities Sponsors Make The News
Lion's 1,000 EV School Bus Order
Lion Electric has received an order from Student Transport of Canada (STC) for 1,000 electric school buses. When finalized, this purchase order would allow STC to become the largest operator of zero emission school buses in North America. 
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Lightning eMotors Delivers
Five California public transit agencies deploy Lightning eMotors’ zero-emission Class 3 transit vans and Class 4 medium-duty shuttle buses acquired through the CalACT/MBTA Vehicle Purchasing Cooperative. The nearly 200 municipalities that are part of CalACT and eligible to purchase off of the contract, on average, purchase 800 vehicles per year.
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Cummins Autonomous Tech
Cummins is working with LOCOMATION to test the integration of the Cummins Powertrain Systems with Locomation’s autonomous tech. Locomotion has contracts with Wilson Logistics and PGT Trucking to deploy autonomous systems in 2,120 trucks by 2022. 
Alternative Fuel Insight
GM EVSE Program
GM is going to work with their dealership network to install 40,000 EVSE in North America, using GM Ultimum Chargers.
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Tesla for Uber Drivers
Hertz and Tesla have announced that Uber drivers with a minimum 4.7 star rating and 150 completed trips will be able to rent a Tesla Model 3 from Hertz at $334/week (fully insured) with the price expected to drop to $299.
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Fremont PD's Tesla Model Y
The City of Fremont PD has placed a Tesla Model Y into patrol service. Fremont PD successfully used a Tesla Model S in 2019, and expects the Model Y to have added range and serviceability.  
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Battery Pack Energy Density
The average energy density of battery packs has increased by 30% over the last two years, due in part to improved thermal interface materials and use of composite components.
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ZEV Mining Equipment
MacLean Engineering is adding 30 vehicle types to their line of zero-emission, battery powered heavy-duty mining equipment using batteries from Freudenberg Battery Power Systems.
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US DOE $199M Grants Funded
The US DOE has awarded $199 million to fund 25 ZEV car & truck projects with PACCAR, Volvo, Daimler, Ford & GM. 
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DCFC Increasing in Power Levels
Early DCFC were often capped at 50kW. A majority of DCFC ports now exceed 50 kW with some ports supplying up to 350 kW of peak power.
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Refineries Report
The LCFS Credit for 1 MT of CO2 is $156.00
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Conferences and Programs
Green California Schools Summit
The Green California Schools Summit will be held in Pasadena on November 4th, and will have a virtual online presence. Join in on the informative education program which features segments on EV infrastructure, facilities, funding and an exhibits
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Fleet Forward Conference
The Fleet Forward Conference, FFC21, focused on educating fleet operators on a broad range of electrification, autonomous vehicles, telematics and more, in San Jose, November 10 - 12.
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FORTH's 2022 Roadmap Conference
FORTH’s 2022 “Roadmap Conference” will take place June 29-30, 2022 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland. Agenda and Registration information coming soon. Sacramento Clean Cities Stakeholder will receive a $50 discount when using Discount Code SACRAMENTOCC.
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