Special Announcement
Electriphi and California Mobility Center Presentations at the Sacramento Plug-In Electric Vehicle Collaborative
Join the Sacramento Plug-In Electric Vehicle Collaborative, in partnership with the Sacramento Clean Cities Coalition and the Sac Metro Air District on March 16th at noon for two presentations: 
Electriphi, a company that provides a full menu of fleet electrification services will provide information on the importance of vehicle fleet charge management, and an overview of their pilot project at the Twin Rivers School District on March 16, 2021 at noon.
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California Mobility Center: Sacramento’s highly innovative mobility technology hub where companies at a growth phase of the innovation-to-commercialization cycle can quickly move from development to demonstration to commercial product launch and sustained market viability
Registration is NOT required. Join at noon on 3/16/21 with this LINK

Sac Metro Air District Announces Funding Opportunity
The Sac Metro Air District has announced the release of an $18M RFP on March 29, 2021.
Funding will be available to replace medium and heavy-duty vehicles with zero-emission trucks and buses, install low carbon fueling infrastructure, replace older farm tractors, upgrade locomotives or complete other eligible projects. 
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Propane Education Research Council Accepting Contractor Applications
The Propane Education Research Council (PERC) is now accepting applications from contractors for up to $1,000 per home for installing propane systems in new homes, and up to $5,000 for regional propane systems.
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US Department of Transportation Releases 2021 Infrastructure Grant Program
The U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) has released the 2021 Infrastructure Grant Program (INFRA). In addition to traditional road and bridge projects, the 2021 INFRA will entertain ZEV infrastructure projects. 
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US Department of Energy Grant Solicitation
The US Department of Energy (DOE) Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) has announce a grant solicitation for innovative energy strategies across a broad spectrum of categories, a few of which include: Grid Scale Batteries Energy Storage, Grid Scale Non-Battery Energy Storage, Grid Reliability, Transportation Management, Combined Heat & Power, Building Heating & Cooling, Building Energy Management, Combined Heat & Power, Stationary Fuel Cells.
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New California Updates, Regulations, and Requirements
Social Cost of Greenhouse Gases
The “Social Cost of Greenhouse Gases” will be a required analysis going forward for all new policies proposed and implemented by the federal government as directed by an Executive Order signed by President Biden on January 27, 2021.
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Sacramento Clean Cities Sponsors Make The News
Cummins on the Value of Hydrogen to Decarbonize Transportation and Industry
Cummins, along with Linde have co-authored an op-ed on the value of hydrogen as a strategy to decarbonize transportation and industry, create millions of well-paying jobs in manufacturing, technology and transportation using a domestically produced renewable fuel.
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Cummins Introduces Integrated Natural gas Drivetrain
Cummins has introduced an integrated natural gas drivetrain combining the time-tested and durable ISX12G with the Endurant HD N 12-speed automatic transmission.
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Lightning Motors Soon to Become Publicly Traded Company
Lightning Motors is in the press as soon to become a publicly traded company via an acquisition by the Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) GigCapital3. The GigCapital3 stock price has been climbing due to recent Lightning System tweets of Amazon and USPS delivery vehicles.
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Alternative Fuel Insight
California Must Invest in Hydrogen
Legislators and state agencies believe that investment in hydrogen is essential because fuel cell vehicles have faster refueling and longer range, and hydrogen infrastructure has an overall smaller footprint (i.e. vehicles refueled per square foot of infrastructure) than battery electric.
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Santa Monica Zero-Emission Delivery Zone
The City of Santa Monica has instituted a first in the nation “Zero-Emission Delivery Zone” in one-square-mile area of their core commercial center, including their Third Street Promenade and their Main Street.
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Chevy Bolt EV Lease Deal
The Chevy Bolt can be leased by CostCo members in San Francisco for $107/month. If you don’t qualify for the extra incentives in San Francisco, you still qualify for their $147/month lease rate for 36 months, 12,000 miles per year.
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Ford Mach-E's Popularity Grows
The Ford Mach-E’s popularity appears to be taking market share away from Tesla’s Model S and Model Y as the overall popularity of EVs grows.
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VW Autonomous Microbus
The VW EV Microbus, the “ID.Buzz” will be commercially available in 2022 in Europe and 2023 in the US, and will include autonomous driving technology. 
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Fisker Retracts EV Technology Breakthrough Announcements
Fisker has retracted both their EV technology breakthrough announcements, first retracting their commitment to use ultracapacitors to achieve 400 miles of range on a nine minute recharge, and then to use solid state batteries to achieve 500 miles of range on a one minute recharge. 
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Volvo Moving to On-Line Car Sales Model
Volvo is going to migrate their car sales to an on-line model, similar to Tesla’s, starting with the XC40 and expanding with the introduction of more EVs. The cars will come with a package of services including car subscriptions, home charging and roadside assistance handled by the dealerships who will only have very limited on-site inventory. 
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Co-Optima for More Efficient Vehicles
Co-Optima, a project combining the DOE’s offices of Bioenergy and Vehicle Technologies to study how co-optimized fuels and engines can result in enhanced efficiency with reduced emissions.
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Minnesota EV Fuel Tax
Fuel Tax on EVs: In order to offset the loss of gas tax revenue, the state of Minnesota has introduced a bill to impose a 5¢ per kWh tax on electricity used to charge EVs, whether charged on a public or a private charger at home. 
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Refineries Report
California Refineries: For the week ending 2/26/21, refineries in California produced 6,065 barrels of gasoline and 2,002 barrels of diesel. The current LCFS Credit for 1 MT of CO2 is $196.00.
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