2020 Clean Cities Events
Sacramento Clean Fuel Technology Workshop
2/13 - Motiv Power Systems Networking Lunch
  • Motiv Power Systems is holding a Networking Lunch from 11-1 at their new facility at 2745 Boeing Way in Stockton. This site will provide full service to Motiv's extensive lineup of battery electric delivery trucks, vocational work trucks, shuttle buses, and school buses.
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4/13 - Green Technology Summit and Expo
  • The 2020 Green Technology Summit and Expo will be held in the Tacoma Convention Center on April 13 – 15. This year’s event will be combined with the US EPA’s West Coast Collaborative Partner’s Meeting, and will include fleet focused sessions on technician training, regulatory policies, vehicle, engine and fuel technology developments, and the future of mobility.
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9/22 - NorCal Clean Fleet Conference
  • SAVE THE DATE for the Sacramento Clean Cities Coalition's 12th Annual NorCal Clean Fleet Conference 9/22 & 9/23 - Training and Certification Programs for fleet managers and technicians.

10/6 - Training for Natural Gas Vehicle Technicians
Sacramento Clean Cities Coalition Sponsors Making the News!
Geotab Releases Study On Battery Longevity
Sacramento Clean Cities Coalition sponsor Geotab has released a study of how vehicle use affects battery longevity in over 6,300 EVs representing 64 makes & models. The study indicates that current batteries are likely to outlast the useful life of the vehicle.
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Transpower Now Wholly Owned By Meritor
Sacramento Clean Cities Coalition sponsor Transpower is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Meritor, a global supplier of drivetrain, mobility, braking, and aftermarket parts for commercial vehicle and industrial markets. Transpower has supplied Sacramento County with their first two heavy-duty, battery-electric residential refuse collection trucks.
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Alternative Fuel Insight
Emergency Vehicles In Difficult Areas
Tropos Motors demonstrates small emergency vehicles that can bring fire fighting equipment and ambulances to difficult ares, like parking structures and campus locations.
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Hydrogen Prices To Drop Dramatically
Hydrogen prices are expected to drop by at least 50% in the next decade as production scales up dramatically.
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Return of The Clarity
Honda is bringing the Clarity Plug-In Hybrid back in 2020. It should be at dealerships now.
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Nissan To Introduce EV Platform
Nissan is planning to introduce an EV "Platform" that they will share across a planned introduction of EVs in their own Nissan and Infiniti brands, including the Ariya crossover SUV that debuted at the 2020 CES in Las Vegas, and in thie alliance partners, Renault and Mitsubishi.
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