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Tech & Spec Webinar Schedule
Sacramento Clean Cities “Tech & Spec” Webinar Series 11am - 12 noon
What fleet managers, lead technicians and specification writers need to know
  • 9/16   Natural gas infrastructure
  • 9/30   Best Practices for Maintaining Heavy-duty Natural Gas Engines
  • Proper maintenance practices, tips, and watch-outs presented by the Cummins Technical Support Team
  • Register Here
  • 10/14 Hydrogen Infrastructure
  • 10/28 Propane near-zero emission drivetrains Class 3 - Class 7
  • Specing and maintaining propane near-zero emission engines with renewable propane for the minimizing TCO bus and truck operations 
  • 11/11 Successful Grant Writing and Finding Grant Opportunities
  • 12/9   HD BEV Do’s and Don’ts
Sacramento Clean Cities Product Presentation Webinars and Displays
  • 9/4   Endurance Pickup EV Pickup Truck on Display
  • 5730 24th Street, Sacramento - 9am (Face Masks and Social Distancing MANDATORY)
  • 9/15  Lordstown Motors Endurance Electric Pickup Truck Webinar
  • Registration is NOT required. Join the webinar at noon on 9/15 Here
Archived Videos and Presentations from Past Webinars
  • 7/22  Specifying and maintaining commercial EVs for maximum uptime
  • 8/12   Heavy-duty EV drivetrains, batteries and EVSE Charging Interface
  • 8/18  Roush CleanTech F650 26,000# GVWR EV Truck (not yet posted)
  • 8/26 NG Fuel Systems: Technician Training & Fuel System Inspector Certification (not yet posted)
Sacramento Clean Cities Sponsors Make The News
Clean Cars For All
The Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District, a Sacramento Clean Cities Coalition sponsor, has opened their Clean Cars for All Program (CC4A). This program will pay up to $9,500 toward the lease or purchase of a Plug-in Hybrid, Battery Electric or Fuel Cell Electric vehicle. Age, income, residence, current vehicle ownership and other restrictions apply.
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Envision Solar is Awarded Additional Contract from the NREL
Envision Solar, a Sacramento Clean Cities Coalition sponsor, has been awarded an additional contract from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to supply an additional EV ARC™ that will be equipped to charge vehicles using solar power, as well as supply emergency power during power outages. 
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Alternative Fuel Insight
NGVi Natural Gas Technician Training Program
NGVi, a Sacramento Clean Cities Coalition partner, is moving their natural gas technician training programs from face-to-face to virtual. Their new training schedule includes:
·    9/16      Level 2: CNG Fuel System Inspector Training                  Register Here
·    10/7 & 8      Level 2: CNG Fuel System Inspector Training                  Register Here
·    11/18 & 19 Level 2: CNG Fuel System Inspector Training                  Register Here
·     NGVi's CNG Fuel System Inspector Certification Online Exam           Find Info Here
Mercedes Benz' Diesel Engines Exceed Allowable Emission Levels
Mercedes Benz’ diesel engines have been exceeding allowable emission levels. Final settlement agreements are being developed with a rumored $2.2B penalty payment, a sum similar to the amount that VW paid to settle their diesel emission scandal. 
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Amazon and Hydrogen Fuel Cell
There are several developments in the hydrogen fuel cell business. Amazon has posted a job for a Principal Program Manager for their “World Wide Hydrogen Economy” and Germany, Korea and Japan have significantly increased their funding for hydrogen development.
Read more about the Amazon job posting Here
Read more about Germany, Korea and Japan Here
Lucid and Electrify America Aim to Build Charger Network
Lucid has announced that they have partnered with Electrify America to build a network of 900v, 300kW chargers, and that their Lucid Air will be able to add 300 miles of range in 20 minutes, and have a maximum range of 517 miles. 
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Electrify America Coming to Love's Travel Stops
Electrify America has entered into another partnership, installing DCFC at Love’s sites in six states: Oklahoma, New Mexico, Utah, Florida, New York and Arizona. The DCFC will include 150kW to 350kW chargers. 
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ElectrifyEVSE Supplies Multiple Brands and Power Levels of EVSE
ElectrifyEVSE supplies multiple brands, and multiple power levels of EVSE for home and business applications, and will handle a turnkey infrastructure solution from design engineering, hardware and installation to software, system integration and post-install service and support.
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Prediction Has Battery Prices at Affordability Target Earlier than Expected
A recent report from Wood Mackenzie predicts that the battery prices will drop below the $100/kWh level in 2024, one year earlier than previously predicted. That is the point where EVs are expected to hit price parity with ICEs.
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Energy Department Selects National Laboratories for Battery Innovation
The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced the selection of 13 projects to establish public-private partnerships that address engineering challenges for advanced battery materials and devices.
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Refineries Report
For the week ending 8/14/20, refineries in California produced 267,792 gallons of gasoline and 90,261 gallons of diesel. Gasoline production increased by 8% and diesel production increased by3.7% from last week’s production numbers. The June 19 Western US inventory of propane product stood at 2,885,902 gallons at an average wholesale price of 59.84¢ per gallon.
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