2019 Clean Cities Events
Sacramento Clean Fuel Technology Workshop
6/12 & 13 - Fleet Technician and Fleet Manager Training Academy (with Certification)
  • Produced in partnership with NorCalMEMA and PEMA. 
  • Location: American River College 
  • For information, academy
  • For registration, contact
Special Discount on NAFA Fleet Manager Training
  • NAFA Sustainable Fleet Management Certificate session $50 (regular price $199 for NAFA members and $249 for non-members)
  • The NorCal & Northern Nevada Chapter is sponsoring a Boot Camp & Testing for CAFM/CAFS candidates on the Fuel Management Module on June 13th for $45
  • If you are considering enrolling in the NAFA CAFM program, please take advantage of the $100 dollar “Fleet Academy Discount” and enroll now so that you can sign-up & attend your first Boot Camp at the Academy.
  • Training will be provided by Gary Lentsch, CAFM

9/26 - MEMA’s 2nd Annual “Fleet Day on the Bay” at the Discovery Bay Yacht Club
  • Fleet Management Best Practices & Fleet Electrification 
  • Registration Information: Coming Soon 

10/15 - 17 - NorCal Clean Technology Forum and Expo
  • Location: McClellan Conference Center 
  • Have a suggestion for a session? A demonstration? A site visit? Then go to NorCal Clean Website to let us know!
Clean Technology Conferences
Drive To Zero
  • an effort to achieve full penetration of zero-emission commercial vehicles by 2040, is hosting a conference in Vancouver on May 28, 2019.
  • Learn More Here

The National Association of Fleet Administrators (NAFA)
  • is hosting a webinar on biodiesel on Thursday, June 6 at 9am.
  • Register Here

The VERGE 19 Conference and Expo
  •  be held October 22 – 24 at the Oakland Conference Center with presentations on the clean economy and solutions and to advance the most dynamic and influential markets driving a sustainable future.
  • Register Here
GRANT Opportunities:

DOT has announced their 2019 "BUILD Grant" targeting: improved access to reliable, safe, and affordable transportation, improved infrastructure condition, address public health and safety, promote regional connectivity, facilitate economic growth or competitiveness, deploy broadband as part of an eligible transportation project, or promote energy independence.

U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced over $79 million in funding for bioenergy research and development including biofuels, bioproducts, and biopower.
  • For more information: Here

The Department of Energy (DOE) has announce Funding Opportunity Notice (FOA) DE-FOA-0001980 with three major topic areas of interest:
Topic 1 - Innovations
  •  for the Manufacture of Advanced Materials
Topic 2 - Lower
  •  Thermal Budget Processes for Industrial Efficiency & Productivity
Topic 3 - Connected,
  •  Flexible and Efficient Manufacturing Facilities and Energy Systems
Learn more Here

FLEET Opportunities:
UC Davis professor, Gil Tal and graduate student, Claire Sugihara, are seeking short interviews with fleet managers regarding various issues related to procurement decisions fleet management. Please contact Professor Tal at: gtal@ucdavis.edu or Ms. Sugihara at ccsugihara@ucdavis.edu.
Sacramento Clean Cities Coalition Sponsors Making the News!
The City of Sacramento Fleet Management and the County of Sacramento Fleet Management ranked in the 100 Best Fleets within the U.S.
The City of Sacramento Fleet Management and the County of Sacramento Fleet Management have both been recognized as being in the top fleets in the United States on the “100 Best Fleets”. The City of Sacramento is ranked sixth, and the County of Sacramento is ranked 27th.
Geotab selected as Sole Telematics provider by California
Geotab, Sacramento Clean Cities Coalition sponsor, and a global leader in fleet telematics, has been awarded a sole source purchase agreement with the California State Department of General Services, making it possible for the state and for local agencies to more
 easily collect the data necessary to make excellent fleet management decisions.
Learn More Here

Lightning Systems accredited under BP Low-Carbon Initiative
Sacramento Clean Cities Coalition sponsor, Lightning Systems, has been accredited under BP’s “Advanced Low Carbon (ALC) Program.” The ALC is designed to encourage BP’s partners to meet stringent carbon reduction criteria.
More Information Here
Nikola Motor seeks military work for weaponized Off-Roader
Sacramento Clean Cities Coalition sponsor, Nikola Motors, has developed a military version of their off-road electric vehicle, the Nikola NZT. The military version has a 550 horsepower motor, exportable power and a 150 mile range. Future developments with the Reckless
 include a fuel cell range extender and remote power supplied by Envision Solar.
Learn More Here
Alternative Fuel Insight
Tesla may have only enough money to survive another 10 months
Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, recently sent an email to all Tesla employees, indicating that the company may have only enough financing to remain in business another 10 months.
Read the full story Here
Lawmakers Propose Zero-Emission Vehicles Act of 2019
US Representatives in the House and Senate have proposed a zero-emission mandate, 50% by 2030, increasing by 5% each year to 100% by 2040.
Learn more Here
Seawater might be the next breakthrough for Hydrogen cars
Scientists at Stanford have developed a technology to incorporate carbonate and sulfate molecules in the iron-nickel coating on the nickel anode of an electrolyzer that prevents salt water corrosion of the anode, making it possible to use the unlimited supply of sea
 water as the source of hydrogen as a transportation fuel.
Learn more Here
Nevada Governor signs bill in support of Electric Trucking
Nevada governor, Steve Sisolak has signed a bill allowing zero-emission semi-trucks to be exempted from weight limits, a move that will encourage battery-electric trucks.
Learn more Here
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