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What a wonderful spring we are having. The sunshine and the warmth are welcomed by all. 
Last Sunday we celebrated Mother’s Day. I hope you all had a wonderful day, spent with your favorite people. Sometimes I may get a bit confused and think this day is all about “me”. I am a mother after all. But I personally feel that the true meaning of Mother’s Day has gotten a bit lost. This day is actually about “our mother”. This day is meant for us to pause and think about our own mother. Who was she before we were born? I believe most of us had a loving mother, but I am sure some may not be able say the same. I am fortunate enough to still have my Mother in my life. My Mom will turn 97 this July. Life was very different when Mom was born. How strange life was. As a teen, she didn’t have a phone and certainly not a cell phone, no car, or TV! But she grew to be a great Mom.  She raised us with all the love a Mom can give and taught us the most important things in life. She taught us to be kind and respectful of all people and all property and to keep our hands to our self. She taught us to share with a glad heart. She taught us to try to understand others and to respect their differences. Basically, she taught us how to be a conservative.  These are gifts we can give our children and for free. 
Mother’s be strong and brave and always remember the promise said in Proverbs 22: Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. 
A Late Happy Mothers Day
Ellie Ownbey, President
Remembering a Great Lady
Fredi's Celebration of Life
Food trucks will be onsite, you may bring your own food and snacks, bottled water will be provided! Bring a chair, blankets and memories to share!!
This is a casual park setting please dress comfortably!
Any questions please call or email Marcy Collins at 509-264-2163,

Saturday, June 1, 2019 at 1 PM

Walla Walla Point Park

Our June guest speakers have just dedicated 4 months of their time to us in often unrewarding circumstances.
All of our legislators have been invited to the meeting and Tthey have all accepted our invitation. We will be hearing from Senator Brad Hawkins, Rep Mike Steele and Rep Keith Goehner.

They have stories to tell how Olympia is operating
with the Democrats in charge. Please come, listen and give thanks for their service.


Our May 6 th luncheon guest speaker program was us, ‘Finding Our Voice’. It was a ton of fun and we all enjoyed it. What made it extra interesting was that as we shared our thoughts and concerns, other ladies introduced each of us to thoughts and solutions that never entered our own mind. It was a great experience.

Chelan Douglas Republican Women
Legislative Report
May 6, 2019
To view the entire legislative report please click the 'visit our website' button below.

SB 5078 – forced release of tax returns:   This bill was passed by senate democrats this session in an attempt to force the president and vice president to release tax returns or forfeit their right to appear on our state’s ballot. Although this bill did not pass in the house, it tells us that WA State democrats are in lockstep with their far left counterparts in the Congress. 

Green New Deal House Resolution 109: Sponsor, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, The Green new deal is not all about climate change.

Did you know it aims for the federal government to:

guarantee economic security for anyone who is “unwilling’ to work.
guarantee every American a job with a family-sustaining wage that includes family and medical leave, paid vacation and retirement security.
provide all Americans quality healthcare, affordable housing, economic security, clean air and water, affordable food and access to nature.
provide higher education to all Americans.
create union jobs that pay prevailing wages.
All this along with the impossible demands for changes to our energy environment that would not work but would upend nearly every aspect of our economy and society. Cortez uses scare tactics to insure her sound bites are being properly publicized by the media.   

Marianne Carnes
Legislative Chair

Re: Item donation

The Chelan Douglas Republican Women will be holding their Annual Fundraiser banquet on Thursday, July 11, 2019 at 5:30 PM at the Martin Scott Winery in East Wenatchee. The theme for this year’s event is ‘United We Win’.

We are asking your assistance with our event. We are looking for items, big and small, to go into our silent or live auctions. If you are able to assist us with this request, please let me know and I will run by and pick up your donation. The funds raised will be divided between local Republican candidate campaigns, assist our club delegates attend state and national meetings, as well as fund our club expenses and our community outreach.

Of course you are invited to join us for our banquet and auction. You will experience great food, music entertainment and a fun night. The cost is $55.00 per person. Please make your check out to CDRW and send it to: PO Box 3817, Wenatchee, WA 98807. Reservations deadline is Sunday, June 30 , 2019.

Thank you so very much for your support of the conservative efforts in Chelan and Douglas Counties.

Chelan Douglas Republican Women
Ellie Ownbey, President
Shirley Schreiber, Event Chairman
O ur June nonprofit will be  Haven of Hope , a 2 year transitional housing facility for women and their children . It is a part of the Christian Hospitality Missions program and located kitty corner from Columbia school in Wenatchee. It is 100% dependent on private donations and churches. Residents are required to pay 1/3 of their family income up to $350. Those who do not have a job initially are eligible for scholarships. They share the chores of the 23 bed home (7 beds are for children). Residents fit many descriptions: homeless, those desiring a fresh start, under CPS restrictions, recently released from jail, drug and/or alcohol addicted and  victims of domestic violence. Individuals must stay clean and sober, have a 9:30 pm curfew and obey the house rules.
The home needs: TP, Paper towels, pine sol, powered soup, bleach and dawn liq soap and Always feminine pads.

Our project in April was the Royal Family Kids camp and mentoring program. We have nearly 3500 children in foster care in 00 kids ages 6-12 who have been victims of abuse, neglect and abandonment the royal treatment that leaves them positive memories of a Christian camp environment. We were able to contribute $350 to be used for purchasing "I spy" gifts...goodies given for doing an especially kind act that someone observed them doing. What a perfect way to spy!!


What does this number mean? I hate doing the books. It takes me forever to do my taxes. I write things down in a book and move on until 2 weeks before April 15th. Then, I procrastinate,  pray and loose sleep as I gather envelopes of receipts...(always worked better under pressure). I  am always surprised (and relieved) to learn that I have gotten a tax refund.  Every 2 years I clear the CFA books and try to make sense of my notes. I am pleased to say that CDRW has donated to 20 groups (a few repeated) that care for infants/children, military, homeless/indigent, or physically disabled adults to the tune of $6817 in cash and items. So ladies...using my military jargon...BRAVO ZULU!! You have been wonderful and a delight to work with. You have helped these non profit organizations and your neighbors in so many ways. Blessings to you all. I am always open to new charity suggestions and am anxious to introduce them to you. 

Thank You.  
April Featherkile, Chair
Our service project for May was the Royal Family Kids . Monetary donations were collected to benefit foster kids who will get the royal treatment in a Christian camp environment. The camp runs Aug 19-23 and is sponsored by Grace City Church and directed by April and Bryan Burnett.  

USO (photo above)
is always on our minds. Please bring travel size personal items for our donation box. We will make sure the items get there.
Please Step Up and Help for 6 Months  
   This is very important:   We need someone to take over sending out our Newsletter for the next 6 or so months. Linda Porlier has developed it and 
taking over for her should only require the skill of cutting and pasting on your computer, as the articles are written by others. Linda will spend all the time
you need to get up and running. It is great having a monthly newsletter and we hate to loose it. Please help us out.
Contact Ellie at her cell phone 425-319-9869 or


Once per month our group goes to Pybus Market so tht we become known in our community. We have been doing well there and have so much fun meeting, greeting and talking with the people. President Ellie's problem is that the same people are doing all of the work.
Here's the thing. It is easy, it is fun, there is no lifting. It is all about meeting the people. Heck I am sure you will see friends and neighbors there too. The shifts are only two hour long and it always seems like it is only 5 minutes.

Please step up and help not only our President but the club.

We have picked up a number of new members from this activity. So sign up and have some fun!

Linda Porlier, Editor, newsletter