Make This Christmas The Best Ever
Here's what is happening at CDRW
President's Message


As the holidays approach, it is so easy to get distracted from the significance of Thanksgiving. Most of us look forward to the smell of pumpkin pie baking and the turkey roasting. Lots of us will think about the Pilgrims coming to this continent and the beginnings of this amazing country called America.

The founders of American held fast to their faith in God and their hopes for the future. Many things have changed since then. They would likely be horrified with some of the ways and thinking of today.

As always, there are so many things for us to be thankful for. 

I for one would like to see us take time to be thankful for our President, Donald J. Trump. Our country was on such a slippery slope. Where would we be now if Hilary had been elected? Wither you love or dislike our President; we all need to recognize that he has done so many good things thus far in his Presidency. You all pay enough attention that you are certainly well aware of most of them.
The demorcates have done everything they can to get ride of President Trump and can’t seem to make it happen.

My request to all of you this year, is that you are ready to roll up your sleeves and hit the pavement running come January 1st. We have our job cut out for us between now and November 2020. It will take all of us. Whether you do small things to help or big things, we must al pitch in. Let us all pray for strength and wisdom this Thanksgiving and watch the miracles unfold in 2020.

Ellie Ownbey, President
Our Luncheon Speaker

Our luncheon speaker will be Representative Tom Dent with a very special inspirational Christmas message. This is a not to be missed event!
 We Need More Volunteers to Help

 'Many hands make light the work'.

We want to keep our club growing, interesting and informative. 

We need more volunteers to help us accomplish these goals. All positions require the
use of a computer, but most of your time will be spent working from home.
Publicity Chairman: Identify the various media available to advertise our luncheons and events and place the information in a timely manner.

Pybus Market Day Table Chairman: one day a month. Help sign up volunteers to staff the table and help to develop an attractive and informative decor.

Newsletter Chairman: Linda Porlier is in need of stepping back from this position. She will fully train
her replacement in the use of the template used to organize the articles provided by the club officers and

Membership Chairman: Vicky Malloy also needs to step back from her position. Although this position 
requires more hours per month, again it is done at your computer at home.

For more information or to volunteer, please contact Ellie Ownbey, President at 425-319-9869 or by email at
Caring for America

Our December non-profit will be  Serve Wenatchee's "The Thrill of Hope."  We have known it as "The Glory of Christmas" in the past and we have supported it for many years. 
This year it has a new name to reflect a new policy. Instead of rewarding participants for attending a number of classes available just in the fall,families are working in the program all year. Clients are vetted and encouraged to participate in counseling, employment programs and educational classes available through out the year. This affords opportunity for more clients, who may not be able to attend classes during several weeks in the fall (typically harvest and school conflicts) to earn points toward the Christmas shoppe.  
They need toys for children under 12 and gift cards for teens. Any cash will be used to buy gifts. Checks: Serve Wenatchee, note: Thrill of Hope.  Serve Wenatchee is sponsored by local churches that depend entirely on the community and church members to help financially needy families without restrictions on race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. The deadline is Dec 16. It has a new address: 12 Orando Ave.

November's gifting was a huge success. The fellows at "The Bunker" were very impressed with the high quality of the socks you donated.   140 pairs of warm socks were donated plus a big can of coffee to Vets Serving Vets . This organization is COMPLETELY volunteer run. All monies go toward the vets.  I estimate the value of our contributions at $350. This gift will go a long way to help needy veterans stay warm this winter.  Bravo Zulu to our generous CDRW members!!  If you know of a veteran who is in need please contact this group first.

April Featherkile

PS Please note that one of the three awards went to April for all of the hard work she continues to do for Caring for America.
Legislation by Marianne

What is the presidential election and platform process for Republicans in 2020? 
It begins at a true grassroots level with neighborhood caucus meetings which bring together Republicans who reside within a specific neighborhood (precinct). They will select delegates to the Republican County Convention and discuss issues and candidates. They meet on February 29, 2020 and the times and places will be announced through the newspaper and other media outlets. 
You must know your precinct number to identify where your particular caucus will be held. 
How do I find my precinct?   Its simple: go to or google votewa and click on Vote WA-register to vote. Enter your name, address and date of birth and you will be taken to your personal information page. Click on voter registration on the left hand side of the screen and you will see your precinct number. 
What happens at the County Convention?   This is where delegates selected at the precinct caucuses meet to adopt the County Republican Party Platform and in presidential years, elect delegates to the Republican State Convention. 
What happens at the State Convention?   This is where delegates selected at the county convention meet to adopt the State Republican Party Platform and in presidential election years, also elect delegates to the Republican National Convention.  
What happens at the National Convention?   Delegates to the national convention will nominate an official candidate for the upcoming U.S. presidential election and adopt the party platform and rules for the election cycle. The Republican National Convention will be held August 24-27, 2020 in Charlotte, North Carolina. 
In 2016, our state had 12 electoral votes and sent 44 electors to the national convention .

Thank You!

A great big thank you goes out to all of you who supported our fundraiser at the Nason Creek rest area. Thank you to the ladies (and my husband) for manning shifts Friday night through Sunday night. Also thanks goes to all those who donated cookies, coffee, creamer, tea, apples, popcorn, cocoa, dog treats, and apple cider packets. All your efforts raised $762 for our club.

Shirley Schreiber, chair

These awards are a result of the members efforts and also a special thank you to Shirley Schreiber for keeping track of all of our Volunteer Hours to bring these awards home. Congratulations everyone!