Our non profit is  The Power House Ministry Center . Located at 1052 Valley Mall Parkway, East Wenatchee. It is in the basement of the Shalom Center is a Monday-Friday 9am-5pm drop in shelter for mostly homeless folks. It offers them a place to relax, get warm, have a sandwich/soup and cup of coffee, take a shower and do their laundry. A Christian organization that makes no demands (except no drugs/alcohdol/fighting)- but offers support and counseling, referrals, and advice. They have some donated clothing and jackets, provide local phone calls, snacks, AA, OA meetings and a bible study.
Their immediate needs are  Bar soap (these are cut up --no liquid per health dept), shampoo/conditioner, liquid laundry detergent (these liquids are parceled out), dryer sheets, spray lysol and coffee. Grocery gift cards are always welcome.  Thank you for your help.

Our December charity was the teen clients of Serve Wenatchee. We presented them with $600 in cash and gift cards that many teens would love and a few toys for the younger kids. Serve Wenatchee was very appreciative and thankful for your support of the older kids who are often passed over. In May we will do a PB & J drive for this group--stay tuned.
As always, if you hear of a non profit that we should explore--We are always looking for an organization that benefit women & children, veterans and homeless.

                        CDRW Shirts
         No idea what to to wear to our meetings?

I have a Fire Sale going with a few polo shirts of a variety of sizes for $20 ($5 savings) from folks who had size problems and had to reorder. 
 I will order our red CDRW shirts monthly: $15 for a T-shirt xs-2xl; and $25 for polo shirts xs-3xl. Let me know.

April Featherkile