Please join us us for lunch
and a good time
May 6th 2019
11:30am - 1PM
Buffet Luncheon: $18.00
Seating: $7.00 Includes coffee,
tea and dessert
We have made changes to our club's website, both in style and content. If you haven't looked at it recently, please take a new peek. There are two new pages, Legislation and Calendar. So check it out at  and of course if you have a comment, click on the webmaster link at the bottom of the homepage.  Candi.
For those of us that believe we are part of God’s amazing creation, we know in our heart of hearts that God is in control. He is in control of this world and all that is in it.
As the frightening current events unfold around us, we have the unfailing power of prayer.
My family and I are from Canada and moved to the US to get away from socialism. It is alarming that so many in this wonderful country are starting to embrace socialism.
The liberal agenda has succeeded in shutting up the dialog that would bring more balance to our politics of today. The liberal media spends their time bashing our President over the most ridiculous things and neglects to inform us of the good things he is accomplishing. 
All of us who believe must join together in prayer and ask God to let truth prevail, cause lies and deceit to be exposed and our nations leaders to become more concerned about what is good for this country, rather than making conservative values look out dated and bigoted.

Ellie Ownbey, President
Please join us for our May 6th luncheon. Check begins at 11 AM, Lunch served at 11:30 AM and guest speaker at noon.
The subject of our guest speaker for this upcoming luncheon is "Finding Your Voice". The speaker is "you".  Oh, not in
front of the entire room, just at your own table. We are going to have a very fun and different time of learning. We will
have a set of prepared questions that will be presented at each table. Then we will each have the opportunity to discuss
these topics together. Other clubs have done this program and just love it. This is a "can't afford to miss it" time
one another.  Please call Vicki Malloy at 509-860-1683 or e-mail Vicki a t   Luncheon RSVP   with your reservation.
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Democrats are proposing billions more in new and increased taxes, including a B&O tax. The Senate has passed HB 1110 which Republican minority leader, Senator Mark Schoesler has said will cause the price of gas to skyrocket and the funds will not be used to benefit roads. General Fund revenue estimates are already 18.1 percent higher than the 2015-17 budget period.  The legislature is due to adjourn April 28 th and Republicans are bracing for the final experience of having a democrat house, senate and governor who is running for president on a platform based on climate change.

Our CDRW is hosting an evening with our auditors!

When: Wednesday, May 15 th
What time: 6:00 p.m.
Where: The Masonic Lodge, 811 N Chelan Ave, Wenatchee

We are opening this event up to the community and the press is being invited. Its time to let new people see who we are and get to know us! It will give CDRW increased visibility AND…………….its going to be fun! We are serving refreshment and a $5.00 pizza meal will also be available. Save the date and bring a friend. We need support from every member to make this an event to remember!

We will be asking our auditors about Washington State’s new primary date! How will that affect the way we select delegates during the next presidential race? There have been 5 other changes to our states voter laws. Do you know what they are? Come and get your questions answered in a relaxed atmosphere while munching on pizza. 

CDRW members pass a Resolution to:

At our April 1 meeting, members passed a resolution stating that they oppose non U.S. citizens voting in local, state and federal elections. It had unanimous support. It has been forwarded to our State organization (WFRW) to be voted on at their May meeting and from there we are asking that it be sent on to our national organization (NFRW) requesting that they also adopt. it. 

This resolution came from our legislative committee in response to a major shift by democrats away from supporting federal law that specifically allows only U.S. Citizens to vote in national elections.   San Francisco is now allowing noncitizens to vote in local school board elections. In March, during discussion of a federal bill (H.R.1),  democrats voted to defend illegal immigrant voting in our elections. One democrat senator stated “We are prepared to open up the political process and let all of the people come in”. To read the entire resolution, go to our CDRW web page.

Our April non-profit was "Share-A-Bear" a unique program in caring that benefits individuals in nursing homes, assisted livings and on hospice. At our April luncheon we collected an array of 20 huggable teddy bears. 


T he deadline is approaching for gathering up all our club members and associate members
volunteer hours. If you ran for office, helped with any campaigns or attended any campaign
events the last two years, you can count those hours. Your attendance at state or national
meetings count including driving or flying from home to the event site. You also can count your
hours spent doing State Republican Party work at state level or local level. If you volunteered at
the fairs for the Republican Party booth, count your hours. You can also count your hours
attending our regular board meetings, committee meetings ( i.e. legislative, website,
fundraising), legislative Day at the Capitol, and testifying in Olympia to name just a few. You
cannot count attending our regular monthly meetings but you can count any prep work you do
before or after. I know we have a huge number of volunteer hours. I just need you to add them
up from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2019 and send the total to or text
to 509-741-0124. I need them ASAP.
May's charity will be "Royal Family Kids". This is an international camp for foster children ages 6-12 who have been abused, abandoned, and neglected. Many have had their lives affected by drug abuse, sex trafficking, homelessness and jail. We have approximately 3500 children in foster care in Washington and RFKs are serving 500 in 13 summer camps, including Wenatchee which is sponsored by Grace City Church and directed by April and Bryan Burnett. We were fortunate to have the Burnetts tell us about this worthy endeavor several months ago. The purpose of the camp is to give these kids positive memories in a safe place away from the chaos of their lives and give them royal treatment in a Christian camp environment.  Camp runs Aug 19-23. We would appreciate any financial donations that you can spare.

Click here to learn more:
USO Thankful For Our April Delivery

Ongoing projects - Our club supports our military traveling through Sea-Tac Airport. Every meeting April is accepting items. Items needed are female products and snacks. Please check out  USO NW .  UPDATE: A USO volunteer accepts 568 items that were collected and delivered to Sea-Tac in March. The donations were valued at $360.00. 


Next Chelan Douglas Republican Women Day Table at Pybus Market is Saturday, April 20th 9 AM to 3:00 PM. Please
drop by and say hello to those who staff it in support of our club. If you would be interested in volunteering 2 hrs to staff
the day table May 11th please call Ellie on her cell phone at 425-319-9869 or e-mail her at . It really is fun 
having the opportunity to chat with local Republicans that enjoy dropping by.