T his is our new name for the CDRW newsletter. We will be sending a newsletter out around the 15th of the month. It is all about keeping our friends and member up-to-date on our completed activities and our upcoming activities. We hope you find it useful and enjoy it. As I become better at doing this we will find better ways to serve you.

Our March Speaker Sara Rolfs

Sara Rolfs will be speaking to us regarding her efforts to start a charter school in the Wenatchee Valley, where they are in the process and what is next.

From Our Local President
Ellie Ownbey
As I sit here to write some thoughts for all of you, my head starts to spin with some scary words like Socialism and Green New Deal. The main reason they are so scary, is that the younger voters believe that Socialism is a great political system and that the Green New Deal is a great idea. How are we to combat these concepts? Is it too late to reverse this thinking?

Since so much of the wide acceptance stems from the education our children have received since their first day in kindergarten, it shows that our only hope is us. We need to get involved in our local schools. The best option is to run for a school board position. However, many of us are hesitant to take on the responsibility of an elected position. The next best is to attend the school board meetings. Listen to the curriculum planning. For many of us, our children are grown and we are hesitant to get involved in the school system at this point in our life. Give it a try anyway, our wisdom is desperately needed. 
We have come to a point in the history of America that we seem to be slipping backwards. Every single one of us needs to find our own little nitch to stand for the principles this country was founded on. Even a little involvement from each of us can add up to making a difference.

Ellie Ownbey, President
From Our State President
Dee Drewry
Here we are in the Senate Chambers with Senator Shelly Short ( Back row L-R) Dayna Dent, Senator Randi Becker, Senator Judy Warnick, Senator Shelly Short, Shirley Schreiber and Cynthia Banuelos (L-R Front) WFRW Parliamentarian Olga Miller, Vicki Malloy, Ellie Ownbey, Donna Pincombe, WFRW 1st VP Colleen Wise and Cynthia Slotnick.
Republican Women's Day at the Capitol
February 1st
"It was nice to see everyone dressed in red at the WFRW Day at the Capitol. When we visit our Capitol as a group, it conveys our strength and shows our Legislators how much the Republican Women appreciate and support them. Hopefully, next year we come out in force and have record attendance. In addition to the time spent with our Legislators, Senator Shelly Short presented a resolution honoring our own Fredi Simpson. The resolution (attached) was read and entered into record while we were there on Feb 1st. It was an emotional time when Senators Judy Warnick, Hans Zeiger, and Shelly Short spoke about Fredi and how much she meant to the Republicans across Washington."  Dee Drewry

Please click on the link below and read the Senate Resolution honoring her service to her club, her state and our great country.
Pybus Market Community Outreach
Mark your calendar for Saturday, February 23 and help us at Pybus. This is the day for the Fire Wise people to help us keep our property and homes safe. They have many tips to help us. This is a great program that they put on and it is all happening on February 23rd at Pybus.

We are doing two hour shifts and we need volunteers. Simple to do and FUN. We will be selling our "Log it" T-shirts.

Service Spotlight
Caring for America
In January and February we raised $200 in gift cards to Walmart and Lowes to help victims of the Butte and Paradise County, CA camp fires that wiped out the City of Paradise. In a national NFRW effort many thousands of dollars were dispensed to the police who had a list of the neediest people especially the elderly without renters insurance. Gifts went to NFRW members first, through a vetting process by several clubs. $7000 went to Redding, CA before Christmas.  Butte will get money in by the end of February. The Chico RWF and coordinators Gaylon Kastner and Dottie Linden responded: "So many have lost so much, but the thing they all appreciate the most, is knowing that people care and are thinking about them many weeks later. We appreciate your expressions of concern and your generosity."

Our April non-profit will be "Share-A-Bear" a unique program in caring that benefits individuals in nursing homes, assisted livings and on hospice. We need huggable size teddy bears and perhaps a dog/cat --new , if possible -- they will get sanitized. Keep your eyes open for post Valentine sales.
April Featherkile
Help US Support our USO Service Members
In keeping with our support of the US military, we are supporting the SeaTac USO with sample size hygiene products (soap, shampoo, conditioner, shaving and feminine hygiene items and snacks for distribution at the largest USO on the West Coast. This organization provides travel info, free hot food, snacks, TV, videos, game area, WiFi, beds and showers to 13,000 military members and their families--active duty, reservists, National Guard and retired.  It never closes. This organization is extremely generous and helpful to our military. This is one of the newer USO locations and an exciting place to visit.

In addition to a place to rest between flights that could take hours to days, this USO also has a Helping Hands program (only one in the world) that donates money to cover special events on bases for family activities such as predeployment and welcome home events, family picnics and holiday family parties---the military prohibits fund raising. Your generosity is most welcome.

Please contribute to their basket.
It’s All Virtual!
Washington Republican Women’s
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