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From President Ellie

Happy July

What a wonderful time of the year. Summer!

Lots of picnics and BBQ’s, vacations, longer days and no snow to blow.

We hope you had a wonderful 4 th of July. 

Didn’t our President make us proud? We were all a bit nervous about the Presidential plan, but it turned out wonderfully. And talk about ‘egg on the face’ of the liberal media, the best they could come up with to say the day after, was Trump had bad speech writers -- in fact boring they said. They just plain make me laugh sometimes.

I’m not sure when you will get this message, but as of today we are all looking forward to out fundraiser banquet and auction this coming Thursday. It will be a wonderful night of friendship and good food. Hope to see you all there.

As the days zip by, we move closer to the upcoming local elections. We do hope you will all find a way to support our republican candidates, either financially or as a campaign volunteer or better yet both. 

Members, please keep track of your volunteer hours and report them to Shirley Schreiber. Our club gets national recognition for our efforts.

Keep your spirits high, pray for God’s blessings on the conservative efforts and have a wonderful July.

Ellie Ownbey, President

Our August Speaker is:

Lauren Miehe
Current chair of Douglas County Republican Central Committee.

Lauren Miehe is the Co-Founder and Principal of Bitfund and is a large contributor in the Bitcoin community. He is well known as Dalkore on the Bitcointalk forums and provides customer relations for Bitfund.
Mr. Miehe has worked in his own Seattle telecommunications startup for many years and is an experienced miner. He is currently on his pursuit of a law degree, and has been a financial blogger for over a decade.
Mr. Miehe is the frontrunner of marketing for Bitfund as well as one of the most trusted members of the Bitcoin community. Bitfund is fortunate to have him as an asset.
Lauren is the current chair of Douglas County Republican Central Committee.

Jama England,
1st VP of CDRW
Help Us Make A Difference
Caring for America - August

April Featherkile
Serve Wenatchee will be collecting funds for their annual new "Cloths for the Classroom" campaign. They are hoping to serve 1000 children this year from Saddlerock Evangelical Presbyterian Church on Aug 17. A $30 donation will buy 2 shirts, 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of socks and 1 pair of shoe (such a deal). If you would like to help with the distribution call 663-4673. Any amount you can spare is appreciated. Donations will be accepted at our Aug 5th meeting.

Becoming Visible

I placed an order for 14 t-shirts and 8 polo shirts. They will be in by the August meeting and another order will be placed as desired. There is no minimum order. Those who are concerned about sizing---ask to try on shirts from those ordered (plenty of meds, large and XL). 

Cost is $15 for T-s and $25 for polos. This is not a fundraiser. We would like you to be VISIBLE. 

No skipp'n around the bush trying to feel people out for TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome). The folks will know who we are! I am happy to see new members displaying our colors. BRAVO!!!    

April Featherkile
Legislative Update by Marianne
Beginning July 1, new provisions of initiative 1639 will be in effect. After that date, you could be charged with a felony if you fail to securely store your firearm and a person who is legally ineligible to possess a firearm uses it to injure or kill themselves or someone else. 
What is secure storage? The law defines “secure gun storage” as a locked box, gun safe or other secure locked storage space that is designed to prevent unauthorized use or discharge of a firearm; and the act of keeping an unloaded firearm stored by such means.   
This law has many other requirements.   Click Here for answers to the most commonly asked questions. 
The Second Amendment Foundation has filed a lawsuit against initiative 1639 claiming it is unconstitutional. Several sheriff’s in our state openly opposed I-1639 and some say they will not enforce many of its provisions.  Until the lawsuit is settled, the attorney general has made it clear, he will enforce it.  
After distributing a new sneaker that featured the “Betsy Ross” version of the first American flag to commemorate our country’s successful struggle to be free, Nike has pulled it from the shelves of retailers. Retailers were asked to return them to Nike after the company received a complaint from former NFL star Colin Kaepernick who said he found the shoe offensive because of its ties to America’s era of slavery. 
Should the demands of just one person be powerful enough to cause the giant Nike Corporation to pull its entire stock of sneakers away from Americans who wish to celebrate their pride in our countries successful struggle for freedom by wearing these shoes?  The address for the Nike Corporation is below if you wish to share your opinion with them. 
Our Fundraiser Was a Huge Success
A very successful fundraising event took place on the evening of July 11 at the Martin Scott Winery.
Beau Van Winkle with Tony Sandoval entertained us with music during the social hour.
We had 13 great silent auction items along with 14 raffle items. Thank you to all that donated.
The meal was catered by Two Chefs Catering. Mike Scott, owner/Vintner of the winery, addressed the group talking about wine of course.
Keith Swank, a candidate for the 8 th  Congressional District in 2020, was introduced and spoke briefly about his campaign.
A Dessert Raffle of donated desserts took place where the table that collected the most donations had first choice of the desserts.
A big thank you to all members that helped make this event so successful.

Shirley Schreiber, Event Coordinator
Your New District 8 Congressional Candidate

Keith Swank joined the festivities at our fundraiser and spoke to us about his runninvolg for Kim Schrier's position. We liked him and are looking forward to working with him in the upcoming election.
Please Google his name and check him out.
I call the top photo The Politicians
The Bottom photo The Collaborators .
I thought it was funny watching them BUT I had wine in me. I don't know. Maybe you had to be there watching them talk. Priceless. LK
Pybus Market Volunteers Needed

We will have our Day Table at Pybus Farmers Market on July 20th and August 17th. We need volunteers for both dates.