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Are you looking for an experienced rubber molder in Ohio? If so, look no further. Qualiform Inc. is a leading manufacturer of custom rubber products. We engineer reliable rubber products from high-quality materials for a diverse variety of applications. Qualiform has been creating custom rubber products since 1976, guiding our customers through each step of the molding process. We work to ensure each customer receives the product they need.
Custom Rubber Grommets
We can create grommets from any polymer that you need. If you are unsure of which polymer is best for your product, we can give you many expert recommendations. Our material options include silicone, natural rubber, and EPDM. We can also make custom compounds for unique customer requirements.

Door Stops
We use rubber injection molding to manufacture our door stops. During the molding process, we use color compounds; thus, we can make them in multiple colors including green, yellow, beige, red, brown and blue. The injection molding process also provides many advantages:
  • Short molding cycle
  • Absence of flash
  • High tolerances
  • Lower unit cost
  • Little scrap/waste

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