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5 Major Benefits of Smartphone Integration

Integrating smartphones with your E-Call or Nurse Call can dramatically increase functionality and

improve staff retention and job satisfaction

1.     Enhance coordination among care providers - Provide instant support, feedback and collaboration among caregivers.

2.     Enabling communication at the point of care - Two way communication allows the caregiver to remain with resident while requesting additional help or while documenting in real-time, both of which are shown to improve outcomes for residents and improve efficiency

3.     Improves time management -It's been shown in multiple studies that the two way communication provided by smartphones both by text and voice, reduces wasted time looking for people and assets, as well as improves resident satisfaction through quicker response times.

4.     Mitigating burnout - Smartphones foster teamwork, reduce physical fatigue, and reduce adverse events that all lead to additional workplace stress. Additionally, allowing caregivers more time with residents as shown in #3 leads to higher job satisfaction.

5.     Increase communication stream and device efficiency - Reduce all the devices that caregivers must carry - pager, radio, scanner, badge, etc into a single device that streamlines communication and documentation.

Taken from article by Healthcare Innovations -

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Infection Control is Still Front and Center

That cell phone in your hand is 400x dirtier than a toilet seat.

Yes, you read that right. And due to the nature of most electronics, it's difficult to clean them with hospital grade disinfectants without degrading the device plastics and screens. Seal Shield's Electroclave can safely and effectively disinfect the most sensitive devices with highly effective UV light in just minutes.

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Response Care offers an exciting new Hybrid wired/wireless option!

iCall from RCare is an exciting new option that can provide UL1069 Nurse Call integrated seamlessly into their wireless nurse call, which is fantastic news for SNFs. Additionally, any Senior Living community looking to upgrade an existing wired system will find the new iCall's cost very appealing as it can use the existing wiring saving thousands in installation costs. And as an added bonus, it comes with RCare’s great reporting package and the option to add wireless components as needed.

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Private LTE is now available through Ideacom

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