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February 1, 2021
Advocacy: NC Legislature is Back in Session
The Asheboro/Randolph Chamber participates in weekly meetings with the NC Chamber's Advocacy team, reviewing new legislation and its impact on job creators. This week's meeting was an overview of some of the General Assembly's anticipated immediate priorities

This week's update:
Legislators are expected to focus on allocating federal COVID-19 relief funding, negotiating educational continuity and economic recovery measures, redrawing North Carolina's state legislative and congressional districts to account for the recent census, and pursuing stronger investments in our state's transportation and broadband infrastructure networks. Legislators have already introduced a number of bills in both the House and Senate.

We are seeking Members of ours that wish to participate in our local Advocacy group. It is anticipated our 2021 Legislative Priorities will follow 4 primary areas:

  • Preserving Local Healthcare
  • Education & Workforce Development
  • Creating a Competitive Business/Manufacturing Climate
  • Infrastructure

Please contact Linda Brown at the Chamber if you are interested in participating!
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