July 13th 2020
Niagara Pumphouse Reopening, Renovation Tour

You've waited a long time to get a sneak peek of the newly renovated studio, galleries, and public spaces. The Niagara Pumphouse Arts Centre invites you to the Reopening, Renovation Tour on August 2nd, 2020 from 10:00 am - 8:00 pm.
Guests are asked to book a time for their visit by registering online or by calling the 905-468-5455*. A suggested donation amount of $25.00/person upon booking entitles the guest to admission and a ticket to win a door prize of a gift basket consisting of 12 bottles of local wine. 

Event Highlights
•The exhibition, Communication in The Quantum Leap by artist, Beverley Barber at The Joyner Gallery
•Artwork by Niki Kingsmill at the lobby gallery
•Niagara Pumphouse members exhibit at the Walker Room 
•Artwork created by our online, art students at the children's studio
•Picturesque Pumphouse grounds: open to ticketholders for a quick stroll or a short, relaxing break. Guests are welcome to bring blankets & picnic baskets to enjoy a light meal while savouring the scenery.

The proceeds for this important fundraiser will be used to support operating expenses during COVID-19.
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We're happy to announce that our Weekend Walking Tours will be back up and running starting July 18 at 11am. During this time tickets can be purchased online (see link below), we will have reduced group sizes, a new route, and screening measures in place. 
THE TD Niagara Jazz Festival
Please check out their Facebook or YouTube channel for their upcoming online concert line up.