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  • Monday, September 14: Distance Learning Continues (B Day)
  • Thursday, September 17: Instrument Pickup
  • Thursday, September 17: Kindness Materials Pickup
  • Thursday, September 17: Library Pickup
A Successful First Week
Students came to school this week, ready and eager to learn. We began with a day of community building, and we spent the rest of the week getting into academics. Though this year was unusual, our Parkway students showed us just how committed, resilient, and focused they are. We are off to a great year already!
Reminder: Follow Your Daily Schedule
Our learning is both synchronous (live) and asynchronous (independent). However, we will be planning our synchronous sessions around a schedule. For example, if you have math block 1 and your teacher communicates that they will go live on a day, you should sign on during that block's time (9:30-10:00). Teachers might be going live multiple times per day to teach each of their blocks, but you should try to sign on for the block that you are scheduled for. This will help you get to know your classmates a little better!
Reminder: Take Attendance Daily
A student or a student's parent or guardian should complete daily attendance once each school day. When completed, the once-daily attendance process will confirm attendance for all of a student's classes for that day.

To take attendance, students should log into their Campus Student iPad app, located on their iPad home screen. Parents who are taking attendance for their student should use "Campus Parent" at

  • Support your student to check in daily by clicking "Yes, I'm here" in Campus to indicate attendance. 
  • Monitor your student's engagement in Distance Learning by checking for completion of assignments, completing asynchronous lessons (anytime), and attending synchronous sessions (same time).
  • Communicate with the teacher if you have questions about how to mark "Participated" in Campus for Attendance.
  • Call or email your school to report excused absences.
  • Contact the school office if you believe your attendance is incorrect.
Materials: Instrument Pickup
If you are in need of an instrument for your class you will need to come to Parkway on September 17th between the times of 8 am - 6 pm. You will come up on Clarence St. Door number 11, where the students entered the building last year to pick up your instrument and any supplies needed for the instrument. This is very important to come to as it is our only day. Ms. Denae will be there to give you the instrument.
Materials: Kindness Week Pickup
On Thursday, September 17th from 9a.m-6:00p.m. we will have an opportunity to pick up library books, Kindness Month supplies, instruments and 6th graders can pick up an iPad case with a keyboard.  

October is Kindness Month at Parkway Montessori & Community Middle School and on Thursday September 17th from 9a.m.-6p.m. families are invited to school to pick up materials that students will use for projects during October. These materials will be used in Foundations Class during the month of October. Please help Parkway spread kindness! 

If your child is in guitar, orchestra, and/or band you have received communication from the music director and can pick up their instrument on Thursday as well from 9a.m-6:00p.m. 

Are you interested in checking out library books? Please email for additional information and you can pick up the books you chose  
Library Materials
Parkway will be starting curbside pickup of library books starting on Thursday, September 17th from noon to five pm. Curbside pickup will continue every other Thursday from noon to 2 pm. Watch this video for directions on how to request materials for pickup.
Contacting Support Staff
If you would like to talk with support staff about any of the topics below and aren’t sure which person to talk to, fill out the Parkway Support Request Form and the appropriate support staff will contact you within 24 hours (Monday-Friday). 

  • Resource needs (food, housing, utilities, health insurance, etc)
  • Student emotional or behavioral concerns
  • Student academic concerns/distance learning support
  • Student to student conflict on-line
  • Other
Community Resource: TechPak [External]
TechPak, a partnership between Tech Dump, Literacy Minnesota, Saint Paul Public Library and Ramsey County, is a new initiative bringing computers, internet and digital literacy training into the homes of Ramsey County residents who have experienced economic impacts due to COVID-19. TechPaks will be awarded to Ramsey County resident who:

  • Experienced job loss, and/or
  • Experienced reduced hours, and/or
  • Saw a change or loss of household income, and/or
  • Face future uncertainty in industry, and/or
  • Have other barriers due to COVID-19.

The school year always comes wit many unknowns. If you have any questions, we are here to help. For most questions, your student can start by asking their teacher. Their Foundations teacher is an especially good person to connect with. Otherwise, try the following:
For iPad Concerns
For Schedule Questions
For Social Work/Support
For General Questions
Go Parkway Pumas!
Translation Information
All school documents can be translated or interpreters made available upon request

Todos los documentos pueden ser traducidos o interpretados oralmente si usted lo solicita 

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