February 26 ,2021
News from the Logan Elm Local School District
Logan Elm High School Celebrates National FFA Week

Agriculture classes at Logan Elm High School celebrated National FFA week this week! FFA members participated in Spirit Week with the following designations:
  • Monday - America Day
  • Tuesday - Tractor Tuesday
  • Wednesday - Beach Day
  • Thursday - Dress Like A Farm Animal
  • Friday - Wear Your Chapter Shirt

The "ag classes" at Logan Elm High School are a satellite program of Pickaway Ross Career & Technical Center and are instructed by Tiana Stonerock. Courses offered include Ag, Food & Natural Resources, Animal & Plant Sciences, Ag Leadership, and Ag Independent Study.

Pictured : Mrs. Stonerocks animal science class is making digestive system murals as they discovered and learned the parts of the digestive system.
Do You Want to be a Penguin?
Mrs. Rhoads’ 1st grade students at Pickaway Elementary became scientists and researched penguins. They read multiple nonfiction texts about penguins and identified numerous nonfiction text features while learning cool facts about penguins. They composed their own nonfiction book filled with facts they learned about penguins. They used their new knowledge to compose a writing piece to share with the class. On the last day other penguin unit, the students evolved as scientists and did multiple experiments to observe and gather data about penguins. Students experimented how penguins waddle verses tobogganing, how the oil from preening helps make their feathers waterproof with placing water droplets on a fully colored penguin with crayons verses a non-colored penguin, measuring to identify who was taller, shorter, or the same height as an Emperor Penguin, and observing how the extra layer of blubber helps penguins swim in the extreme cold temperatures of the Antarctic. First Graders loved learning about penguins!
LEave Your LEgacy Campaign
LEave Your LEgacy is a capital campaign to improve the Athletic and Performing Arts areas in the Logan Elm PK-12 building.

This fundraising effort is being organized by a group of Logan Elm alumni and residents.

As of February 22, 2021, they have raised $836,882.  This is nearly 56% of the goal!

For more information on how you can donate to the campaign, please click here.
Winter Sports News
During the 2020-2021 Winter Sports season, Logan Elm teams experienced many highlights! Congratulations to our Winter Sports athletes!

7th Grade Girls Basketball
MidState League Champions

8th Grade Boys Basketball
MidState League Champions

Varisty Boys Swimming
MidState League Runner Up

Varsity Boys Basketball
MidState League Champions

Varsity Boys Bowling
MidState League Runner-Up
3rd in OHSAA Sectional tournament
OHSAA Southeast District tournament Runner Up
qualified for OHSAA State tournament.

Varsity Girls Bowling
1st place in OHSAA Sectional tournament
Callena Wiget quailified as an individiual for the OHSAA State tournament.

League and Tournament results through February 24th.
Some tournatments are in progress or have yet to begin.
7th Grade Girls Basketball
8th Grade Boys Basketball
Thank You!
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Pictured below:
Our Preschool students enjoyed a Valentine's Day celebration! We are accepting applications for preschool classes for 2021-2022. Information and applications are available at https://www.loganelm.org/Preschool.aspx
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