February 11, 2022
News from the Logan Elm Local School District
Pickaway Students Explore Other Cultures
Third graders at Pickaway Elementary were able to celebrate the Chinese New Year thanks to donations from two parents and a family from California, Carmen Chu Alderman and Travis Alderman. The Chu Alderman family sent each child a red envelope with money in it to symbolize good luck and prosperity, as well as a read aloud book about the Chinese New Year and Chinese New Year decorations. All students were given chopsticks that they learned to use while practicing with popcorn and enjoying traditional Chinese treats provided by their teacher and two parents. Students also listened to a classmate share their story of immigration and her culture as part of their world studies. Students watched videos of traditional dragon dances, lion dances, listened to traditional Chinese music, learned the Chinese alphabet characters, learned to write the numbers 1-10, and they successfully made some origami pieces. Students also received an activity book, stickers and coupons from Panda Express.
Third Grade Digital Safey Lessons
All of the 3rd grade students in the district have been participating in Technology lessons once a week with Mrs. Bassett. An important topic that they have been discussing throughout the school year is Digital Safety. First, students learned about how to share with care. They discussed how to share information safely online and what personal information is and what to keep private. Then, students learned about "Not falling for fake" online. We talked about how people can steal identities, ways to prevent theft online, making sure you recognize signs of scams and to have a trusted adult to tell if something unusual would happen. Next, students learned to be internet strong. They learned how to create strong passwords for their digital accounts across all platforms that students have access to. Finally, we discussed how important it is that they advocate for themselves and also remind their family and friends to keep themselves safe online.
Assessment News and Updates
Students have been completing many winter tests and preparing for the Ohio State Tests to be taken in the spring. The Board of Education believes that a program of group testing can provide a meaningful source of information about the adopted curriculum and overall student achievement. Information gained through the use of group tests is used to design educational opportunities for students to better meet their individual and collective needs. The Board views such information gathering as a primary function of the public schools. Individual permission of parents is not required for the administration of these group tests. The Board recognizes that all tests provide only a limited source of information about an individual student. Information drawn from group tests is therefore used only in conjunction with all other information available about a student in advising the student or assisting the student in improving his/her work. Each student with a disability is considered individually as to his/her participation in the testing programs.

The following is a list of assessments required by the state of Ohio.
  • Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (KRA)
  • Grades 1-3 Fall Reading Diagnostic - Logan Elm uses NWEA MAP Growth
  • Grades 3-8 Ohio State Tests in Reading and Math
  • Grades 5 and 8 Ohio State Test in Science
  • High School End of Course Exams in Algebra, Geometry, English Language Arts II, Biology, American History, and American Government
  • Grade 11 ACT

The following is a list of district assessments.
  • Grades K-3 Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA)
  • Grades 1-3 NWEA MAP Growth in Reading and Math
  • Grades 4-12 Ohio Restart Readiness Assessments in State Tested Subjects

Gifted Identification includes CogAT in grades two and four, and NWEA MAP Growth at various grade levels. Individual testing is done as needed by a school psychologist.

Questions regarding assessments may be directed to Amy Colburn, Curriculum Director.
Coaches Honored
Recently, Doug Stiverson, Varsity Boys Basketball Coach, and Tom Congrove, 8th Grade Girls Basketball Coach and former Varsity Girls Basketball Coach, were awarded the Bob Arnzen Longevity Award from the Ohio High School Basketball Coaches Association. This award is given to those basketball coaches who have devoted 20 years or more of service to the same school and for their loyalty and commitment to the Ohio School Basketball.

We would like to offer our congratulations to Coach Stiverson and Coach Congrove on this well-deserved recognition! Their dedication to the sport of basketball and to Logan Elm Schools are greatly appreciated!

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