Kaili Watkins grew up in a small town in Winchester, Indiana and never had plans to go back to small town life. After high school, she went to Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana and after working for a time in Louisville at a psychiatric hospital, she moved to Chicago to work toward a Master’s in Dance Therapy and Counseling.

When her master’s program was completed, Kaili decided she wanted to move out of the Midwest and wanted to see the west coast, either Washington or Oregon. Before making a permanent move, her brother, Lance, invited her to spend some time in Petersburg in the winter of 2007. She agreed and walked into a town that had just had major snowfall, similar to what we had this year. Kaili had never experienced anything like that winter and it was intriguing enough that she decided to stay a little longer. After a summer spent working on a crab boat, she decided to make her visit into a permanent stay.

Kaili joined PMC in August 2021 in the clinic as a receptionist but it’s not the first time she’s been a part of the team. After she moved here, and after her summer of crabbing, she worked in LTC Activities for three years. Kaili loved working in LTC and is glad to be back at PMC and be part of the work the hospital does for the community. She loves the social aspect of her position and how it affords her the opportunity to interact with the community. She also loves seeing all the new babies! Learning a new electronic medical record system and then another new system when the hospital switched to Cerner has been a challenge but one that has been very rewarding.

Kaili spent some time teaching in Petersburg in a kindergarten class and has been teaching dance in the community off and on since 2007. Kaili also teaches Zumba, loves to knit and crochet and enjoys visiting with her family who are spread out across the US and includes her three brothers and two sisters. Kaili lives in Petersburg with her two sons, Parker who is in fifth grade and Elliot in first grade, and her 4-year-old daughter Wren. She is especially appreciative of the support of this community and loves the way everyone looks out for each other. She loves that she can let her boys bike to school by themselves and the safety that the community gives.