November Community Newsletter
Petersburg Medical Center Newsletter
Community Cafe
PMC’s Community Cafe was held on November 15th. We were impressed with the turn out and loved the feedback received from the community. It's the first in a series of conversations to involve the community in their health system. We are thankful to Alaska State Hospital and Nursing Home Association, the State of Alaska Division of Health and Human Services, PMC staff and the community for their support in this event. PMC will provide a summary of the conversation at the next PMC Live on KFSK, in December and to be posted soon on the PMC website.
Health & Wellness
  • On October 13th, Parks and Rec hosted a triathlon. We enjoyed seeing so many community members participating.
  • October 31st was the Halloween Hustle! Our Long Term Care Residents loved seeing all the kids dressed up in their amazing costumes. Thank you to Parks and Rec and all the volunteers who helped make it happen.
  • Let Me Run happened on November 3rd. We are jealous of the turkey dinner winners!
  • Check out our Facebook page for more pictures.
Incoming Staff
Speech therapist Bailey Koebernick moved to Petersburg 1 year ago this month. She is originally from Illinois but loves to adventure and thought Petersburg might be her greatest.
Bailey joined the roller derby team this year, and loves to spend time at Sandy Beach. Bailey, her husband Marcus and their puppy Lucy love to travel. Her favorite place she has traveled thus far is South Africa.
As a speech therapist Bailey works with any person from infants to geriatrics. She works with patients to help improve swallowing, cognition, speech, language, voice and hearing rehabilitation.
Bailey just recently finished her training to perform a procedure called flexible endoscopic evaluation of swallowing. She took two basic courses in Seattle and Chicago and then one advanced course in Nashville. She finished her training by doing an internship with two different speech therapist endoscopists based out of Nashville.
The procedure happens here at the hospital. She takes a small scope, that is passed through the nose and then goes into the back of your throat to get a good look at your gullet! Her goal is to find out if food and/or liquid is going into the esophagus or your wind pipe.
We are so excited that Bailey decided to move her family here and join our team. 

Long Term Care Activities
Long Term Staff help the residents fill their days with activities that bring meaning to their lives, provide interactions with friends, families, staff and community members. The activities program allows the residents to continue doing what they did prior to their time in LTC and provides opportunities for new experiences.
Long Term Care has had a busy month with all the activities happening.
They had a blast dressing up and enjoying Oktoberfest. They also dressed up on Halloween and passed out candy to all Halloween Hustle participants.
They started November enjoying the Veterans Day assembly at the high school. In addition to participating in all the parties that have happened the past few weeks, our residents are still enjoying going to the pool at Parks and Rec and getting a swim in, playing dice and bingo, and van rides.
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