January 2019 Newsletter
We need your feedback!
The Kittery Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is updating our Long Range Plan. Your input from this quick survey will help the MPO in prioritizing future investments in order to improve transportation needs in the region.
New SMPDC Website

We have officially launched a new and improved website! (Which we are still working on) although, you can locate the website at smpdc.org or by clicking the button below.
Coastal Hazards
The Maine Geological Survey (MGS) recently released newly updated sea level rise and coastal inundation data and interactive maps. Inundation scenarios are tailored to the Maine coastline and include 1.2, 1.6, 3.9, 6.1, 8.8, and 10.9 feet of potential sea level rise, which correspond to different climate scenarios projected by the 4th US National Climate Assessment (NOAA, 2017). The data and maps are meant to inform local, regional, and state coastal planning efforts and can be viewed and downloaded from the MGS website at https://www.maine.gov/dacf/mgs/hazards/slr_ss/. If your community would like assistance downloading, utilizing, and/or interpreting the data for planning purposes, please contact SMPDC.
Economic Development
The EPA has awarded the Southern Maine Planning and Development Commission a new Brownfields Assessment grant. The $200,000 SMPDC received in hazardous substances assessment grant funds will be used to continue to offer our existing Brownfields Assessment program. These funds will be used to conduct Phase I and II site assessments and to conduct a community involvement program at sites in the SMPDC region. These funds will be used to perform these activities at potential hazardous substance sites within the region’s 39 communities. SMPDC will be updating its database of potential Brownfields sites for this program. If there is a site in your community that you would like to be evaluated and possibly added to the list please contact either Chuck Morgan or Paul Schumacher.

SMPDC is assisting the I-95 Corridor Coalition in organizing two events related to “drones” or Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS):

Thursday March 21st 2019, 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM Eastern Time:

A Webinar on the Why and How of Setting up a State UAS Program
Discussion Topics

During this webinar, Delaware and Massachusetts will provide an overview of the formation of UAS programs. We will get answers to questions like: Did you need a champion and who needed to be at the table? How have you worked with other agencies? What resources and expertise did you need? What has worked so far, and what do you hope to add to your program?
Presenting Agencies
• Massachusetts DOT, Aeronautics Division
• Delaware DOT
Please click on the link to register:  https://kmj.adobeconnect.com/i-95cc/event/registration.html
I-95 Corridor Coalition:  Ginna Reeder at 617-529-9072 or [email protected]
Logistics: Nicole Procknow at 610-228-0281 or [email protected] 

Thursday April 11th 2019 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

New Hampshire Dept. of Environmental Services regional office in Portsmouth
I-95 Corridor Coalition Peer Learning Exchange on Drone/UAS Operations

Representatives from State Police, several Departments of Transportation and Emergency Management agencies will be sharing their experiences with UAVs during the morning. In the afternoon there will be outdoor sessions where agencies will be demonstrating the use of drones for various purposes.
For more information, contact Tom Reinauer at SMPDC.
SMPDC would like to take a moment to congratulate the Town of Alfred on successfully adopting a new Mixed Use Corridor zoning scheme for the Route 111 corridor. SMPDC assisted the town on the development of the zoning regulations based on the new Comprehensive Plan recommendations which SMPDC also helped draft for the community!