JULY 2021 | Volume 46 | Issue 7
Back in the first century, the early Christians faced all kinds of challenges and struggles. Our situation may be different, but we certainly have our own challenges to face. The apostle Peter wrote a letter to a group of suffering Christians, and in this letter, we find a hope that endures through every trial and can’t be taken away. It's the hope that lies at the center of Christian faith and life; hope that transforms the way we live today. Join us as we journey through 1 Peter and find this hope.
Join us IN-PERSON @ 9:30 or 11 AM
or ONLINE . 11 AM
Toddlers - 5th grade need to register in advance at plumcreek.org/kids
WISH (Welcoming International Students Home) is an organization at NKU. Several area churches, including Plum Creek, are partnering with NKU to help these students adjust to their new environment. We are looking for 70 International Friendship Families to connect with an International student. The responsibility of an International Friendship Family is to connect with an international student over the course of the next year. You might pick them up from the airport, have them to your house for dinner, take them out to eat, take them to Jungle Jim's, have them over for popcorn and a movie, take them to a park... Whatever YOUR family might be doing.

Most international students who come to the U.S. never set foot in an American's home. And you can probably imagine how difficult it would be to go to a foreign place for a year or more without a support system in place. If you would like to become an International Friendship Family, please fill out the form at this link: www.plumcreek.org/wish Questions? Please contact Jared Perkins by email: jared@plumcreek.org
Plum Creek will be collecting essential items that are needed when these students arrive at the NKU campus. Watch for details coming soon on where these items can be dropped off.
  • Twin sheet set (twin xl from Walmart works well)
  • Pillow
  • Bath Towel
  • Refillable water bottle
Toddler, Preschool & Elementary (no infant care)
Check out our media sites for updated information

Video lessons are available on our YouTube channel @PCKidsTown. You can also access at-home lessons at www.plumcreek.org/Sundays4Kids
Watch and participate at your convenience!
Want to be part of reaching the NextGeneration for Christ?
Come serve in KidsTown! Click below to be contacted with info.
Be watching for upcoming small group events this summer!
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in The LifeCenter
Join our student ministry huddles as we go through scriptures together and encourage one another in our faith.
Middle School Huddle
(Led by Mike & Shelley Hall)
High School Huddle
(Led by Jimmy Ranshaw)

Wednesday, July 14
@ 11am
Bob Evans
Questions? Contact Sherry Gray
at 903.278.3530
Have questions about Plum Creek? Want to know how you can get involved? Want to make this place a little smaller? Join us for this one session conversation in a relaxed environment where we address who we are and what we're about here at Plum Creek. We also take time to answer specific questions you might have. For questions contact doug@plumcreek.org (Lunch & Childcare provided)
Eastern Dominican Christian Mission
In Memory of Gabriella Smith
To raise money for the new Brisas Del Mar Medical Clinic & Church Facility
SAT . SEPTEMBER 11, 2021 at AJ Jolly Park
Form a team, save the date, and paddle for cancer awareness!

Here's what you can do...
Step 1: Find 19 of your friends, family, co-workers who like to paddle
Step 2: Come up with a team name, fun team shirt & a lot of enthusiasm
Step 3: Register today!
(Baptisms 06.20.21)
108 Ideal Drive
Falmouth KY 41040