Volume IV | February 28, 2021
It will Forever Leave an Imprint on You
Considered one of the poorest economies and socially deprived regions, Guatemala lacks holistic community development. The country faces challenges on a social, economic, and community basis. The majority of the population is underprivileged with restricted reach and availability of basic life necessities. On the other hand, the rapid spread of endemic has worsened the situation leading to increased social and economic problems. In addition to that, the prevalent poverty has given rise to community-related issues as well. The uncatered increase in the spread of the virus has put a stop to mission trips and sharing of the message of the gospel. Help us to return and work alongside with them.
Reduced Inequalities
The world’s wealth is not well-regulated and is held by a few privileged people. The improper distribution of global wealth and finances often leads to financial and social inequality. The country with expanded wealth and the financial disparity is vulnerable to intense poverty and social discrimination. The extensive financial crisis among the people of a nation often feeds the discrimination on the basis of religious beliefs, genders, cast, color, and economic status.

Sustainable Cities and Communities
More than half of the world’s population lives in the city and urban areas. The disproportionate peopling leads to exacerbation of issues of urban areas. The rapid increase in global population and migration rate towards urban areas has led to a boom in megacities development. With such rapid development and expansion of cities, the slums have become the highlight of urban areas. 

Sustainable Development Goals
Responsible Consumption and Production
We haven’t taken enough measures for efficient and effective utilization of natural resources provided by our planet. The resources are in abundance but require efficient consumption and production planning for sustainability and development. Global economic growth and development depend on these natural resources and the environment. In order to strengthen the economic sector, we need improved utilization methods that are not destructive for the planet and economy.