Volume II | May 31, 2020
The Role of Non-Profits Advancing the SDGs
A non-profit develops a social function because its projects cause positive changes in families, communities or on the planet. Although its activity is of common interest, its task is not to replace the work of the administration.

The world is going through a difficult time: the increase in inequality, climate change, population displacement due to war, are some of these challenges that also require global responses.

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Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions
Justice is one of the pillars of social cohesion insofar as it acts as a mediator in conflicts between individuals between them (private law), and also individuals with the State (public law). Respectable justice must be mediator, not executioner. At Developing Our World, we consider peace as the first step towards the establishment of social justice. Help us in our efforts to make this world a more harmonious and peaceful place to live in.

Partnerships for the Goals
The sustainable Development goal 17 aims to promote global partnership to ensure the successful achievement of sustainable development goals. It contributes towards the goals to strengthen the Global Alliance for Sustainable Development, mobilizing and exchanging knowledge, technical capacity, technology and resources. Developing Our World believes in global partnerships and we have been able to collaborate with organizations and companies around the world. Join hands with us and help us connect this world better for sustainable development.

How Christians can Engage in the SDGs?
Engaging in the Mission Field
The identity of Jesus Christ involves a soteriological issue – it is the salvation of men. Jesus confessed as Christ is established in a special relationship to the earth. And his victory over the forces of death also integrates the future of the world. At Developing Our World, we uplift the Christian spirit for the sustainable development goals, betterment of humanity and salvation of the mankind and earth.