June 2020
Find out when travel will be opening!
Amidst Corona virus, it has been difficult to keep track of all the changes, restrictions, openings and closings that are occurring worldwide.In this newsletter we hope to simplify all the opening dates that have been rapidly been announced. We recommend travel for the fall! By then, most places will be open and the new health protocols will be streamlined. Read on to find out when your favorite destination will open.
United States
Almost all of the United States is open, to some degree. National parks (almost all) were opened June 1st or before.
Disney Springs opened May 20th, and Disney World plans to have a phased reopening beginning July 11th.
Lake Geneva opened May 13th, and is a fun, close-to-home destination.
Lake of the Ozarks is also open, and makes for a great weekend trip.
Las Vegas will begin to reopen on June 4th and will be following a 7-point health protocol.
Many places are open with restrictions such as face masks, social distancing or closed areas for large public gatherings.
Antigua and Barbuda

On June 4th, Americans from Miami, Florida will land in Antigua. These are the first tourists in 10 weeks. The tourism minister says they have taken many precautions and will continue to follow health protocols to guarantee their guests safety.

Aruba has announced reopening dates between June 15th and July 1st. Due to the very small number of cases, there will be strict restrictions and testing to prevent importing cases.

Due to the declining cases of Corona virus, the Bahamas has announced a tentative date of July 1st for tourism. This is subject to change based on health protocols. The Bahamas wants to take every precaution to prevent the spread of Corona virus, and they will be increasing sanitation and health protocols for all guests.


On May 18th, Barbados entered Phase-3 of their reopening plan. They are allowing travel, but for now it is very strict. The country will be enforcing a two-week quarantine period on all guests. It is unclear as of now how long Phase-3 will last. In the meantime, Barbados is committed to improving their tourism by expanding hotels and tourist activities.

Cuban airlines do not plan to open until July 1st, so flights will begin on July 7th from American Airlines.

Dominican Republic

There is no official date, but hotels could begin opening June 17th. Masks are required, there are no public gatherings and a curfew has been put in place until June 13th.


Borders are scheduled to reopen in the first week of June. However, health and safety protocols are still being finalized, so things are subject to change.

The borders will be reopened for international travelers on June 15th, and Sandals has announced they will be opening on June 4th everywhere except The Bahamas and Turks and Caicos.


Travel to Mexico will become available in July, and hotels plan to open. "The current non-essential travel ban for land-travel to Mexico for "tourism and recreational in nature" currently expires on June 22, 2020". The tourism in Mexico provides many jobs, so they are eager to reopen. But first, many new health and safety standards are being set in place for the protection of both guests and staff. As of now, most hotels and travel to Mexico will be available for tourists in July, but Cancun is planning a reopening of June 8th.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is actually open for tourists, but there is a 14 day quarantine for all arrivals and temperature checks in the airports. Tourism is expected to pick up in the fall.
St. Lucia

This island has announced an early reopening date of June 4th. They plan to have 'responsible tourism' and heightened protocols in order to protect guests and staffs.

Turks and Caicos

Flights can be booked for June from New York, Miami and Fort Lauderdale, but tourism will not resume until July 22nd. The airport will be closed until June 1st, and hotels will be closed until July 22nd as they are working on finalizing protocol. The Grand Turk Cruise Center will be closed until at least August 31st.
The ban on travel to Europe from the United States has been extended until at least June 15th, which could be extended, but the goal is to reopen sometime in the summer. Many countries have not given reopening dates yet, but Greece has announced they will be reopening in July. France will likely enforce a quarantine upon entry to the country, and the UK has already enforced a 14 day quarantine. Hotels in the UK are still closed. Italy is opening in June, but not to United States travelers. Germany has warned against travel until June 14th, and even then, there will not be much recreational travel this summer. Spain will reopen to travelers in July, and they lifted the 14-day quarantine. Portugal is open beginning in June, but it is closed to Italy, Spain and the United States. Iceland opens up to travel on June 15th, and Austria is already open, but you must provide a negative Corona virus test or be quarantined for 14 days. Ireland is open, and requires a 14 day quarantine.
Norwegian Cruise Line
Cruises will return with many new updates to their health protocols. " The program includes six new safety measures that Norwegian has added onboard its ships and to its embarking, and disembarking, procedures. It includes new air filtration systems called H13 HEPA that NCL says will remove 99.95% of airborne pathogens onboard; increased sanitation including fogging in staterooms and public areas and increased frequencies of cleaning onboard; COVID-19 tests available onboard and enhanced training for NCL’s medical crew; and online check-in and staggered embarkation to promote social distancing" (Travel Market). There will also be frequent temperature checks for guests.
Unique Destinations That Will Be Open to the US
The Maldives are planning to reopen in July, and there will be no mandatory quarantine. But, guests need to test negative for Coronavirus before entering. Portugal will be opening June 15th, with no quarantine requirements.The country of Georgia, in Eurasia, will reopen July 1st. Egypt is planning to reopen international borders in July, but is subject to change. These destinations will all be open to the US, and more announcing everyday!