Summer 2019
Your quarterly news update from Clay County Elections Office
From Supervisor Chambless
Just like everything in summer, Election Season is heating up. While 2020 is technically months away, it sure doesn’t feel like it in our office. After the 2018 General Election, Florida lawmakers created an election reform package that affects a variety of statewide election procedures. On June 28 th, Governor Ron DeSantis signed Senate Bill 7066 into law.

The new law moved the Primary Election from 10 weeks before the General Election to 11 weeks, to give overseas voters time to receive and send back Vote by Mail ballots. The new date for the 2020 Primary is August 18, 2020.

It also requires a request for a Vote by Mail ballot must be received by 5 PM by the Elections Office 10 days before the election, and moves the deadline for the Elections Office to send out Vote by Mail ballots, from four to eight days before the election. This gives voters more time to fill out their ballots and return them, and the USPS more time to deliver them.

7066 touches on other items like ballot transport, expands no-solicitation zones at polling locations and Early Vote sites. It also amends the Florida Voter Registration Application to accommodate Amendment 4, although prior voter registration applications are still acceptable.

These changes come right after Governor DeSantis’ order in April to provide ballots, election assistance and voting materials in Spanish. As we incorporate these changes, we’re revising our training to reflect the new requirements, recruiting new Election Workers and holding labs for current Election Workers, updating and testing equipment, negotiating contracts for precinct locations, attending training classes and round table discussions, and verifying thousands of petitions.

It doesn’t make for a relaxing summer, but it’s all part of how we #PROTECT2020- and continue our tradition of holding fair, transparent, and secure elections.   
News & Updates
Florida will join Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC)
Governor DeSantis announced that Florida will join the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) as part of his administration’s ongoing efforts to enhance the security and integrity of Florida’s elections. Joining ERIC means Florida will be able to crosscheck voter registration data with 29 other member states in order to identify duplicate registrations and outdated records from voters who have moved or passed away, leading to cleaner and more accurate voter registration rolls.

Upcoming Elections
PPP: March 17, 2020
Municipal Super Tuesday: April 14, 2020
Primary: August 18, 2020
General: November 3, 2020

We want you!
Do you like helping people? Are you interested in being part of the Elections process?

We're looking for Election Workers to work the 2020 Election cycle. Visit or click the link below to learn more about being an Election Worker!

Practice Makes Perfect
Thunder Nkere, our Election Worker Coordinator, has been hard at work recruiting new Election Workers and creating Practice Makes Perfect Labs to give returning Election Workers the opportunity to learn more about their position or try out a new one. Thunder is a great instructor and knows how to keep it fun AND make sure you retain the knowledge.

We've received lots of interest in our labs and we're glad to see many returning faces. 2020 is sure to be one for the books, so if you, or someone you know, is interested in learning more, please send an email to

Outreach Events
O ur summer events have been hot- in more ways than one! Despite the high temperatures, there were great turnouts for the events. We celebrated Memorial Day at RiverFest in Green Cove Springs and 4th of July at Our Country Day in Keystone Heights. Thanks to all of our awesome volunteers for spending the holiday helping us out and spreading the good news of voting!
If you stopped by the Courthouse in the month of July, you may have seen our historical display. With the help of Vishi Garig at Clay County Archives, we showed off Civil War era ballots and voter registration books from 1920, the first year women were able to vote! We even had our Shoup voting machine for everyone to see. Thanks to the Clay County Clerk's office for lending us the space.
Even in summer, there's still plenty to learn! Supervisor Chambless stopped by the "Homeschool Hangout" held at Green Cove Library. He had a blast meeting our future voters and spreading the message of the
importance of voting.
Did you know we're available for speaking engagements? From students to adults, and everyone in between, we can talk to your group about voting and civic education.
Contact us today at to find out more information.
Around the Office
A special birthday shoutout!
Supervisor Chambless' birthday falls on July 5. Though we may have celebrated it a little bit later in the month, the key lime pie was definitely worth waiting for!

Celebrating our summer birthdays!

Leslie.............June 11
Jim.................June 19
Rick...............June 26
Anthony.........June 29
Chris..............July 5
Lisa................August 23
Happy Anniversary!


*Denotes part time employment anniversary
Florida State Supervisors of Elections

Supervisor Chambless and several members of our staff attended the 2019 Florida State Supervisors of Elections (FSASE) Summer Conference in Daytona in May. We met colleagues from all around the state, shared best practices, and learned ways to better serve Clay County voters.
Our schedule was packed full of professional development sessions and updates from Florida Division of Elections Director Maria Matthews and Florida Secretary of State Laurel Lee. There was a Historian Interview with St. Lucie SOE Gertrude Walker and Jackson County SOE Sylvia Stephens and the swearing in of the 2019-2020 FSASE Executive Officers and Board of Directors.
It was a great opportunity to expand our knowledge as we prepare for the 2020 Election Cycle!
Meet Our Team
By title, Jim Krause is our System Administrator. He started working at the Elections Office in 2012, hired to improve the configuration and network systems for the office. We rely on him to do more than just make our computers run faster, though! Jim can often be found lending a hand to set up outreach events and more. Echoes of “Jim!” can be heard throughout the office.

Jim has implemented innovative technology and maximized our security. He ensures our staff is up-to-date with the latest IT advances and security procedures with ongoing training and regular reminders to be vigilant.

Jim’s known for his sweet tooth, love of warm weather- and aversion to smartphones. He enjoys the challenge that comes with working in technology and especially in Elections. With all the talk surrounding Election Security, we’re thankful to have Jim on our team to help us #PROTECT2020!
Leslie Robey began part-time processing registration applications in 2007. In 2012, she became full-time at the Elections Office. Leslie is responsible for the Form 1 process, Voter Registration Agencies, Voter Information Cards and address notices. She also ensures petitions, registration applications and vote by mail requests are processed in a timely manner.

Leslie is our resident animal lover. Always quick to show a picture of her cats Callie, Lizzie, and Alice, or to share pets who may need a new home. If you ever need some cheering up, just ask Leslie to show you puppy photos!

Leslie is always willing to help out other staff and is well-known for her friendliness towards everyone. She has a deep understanding of the overall elections process and all the hard work that goes into it. Leslie welcomes everyone with a smile and is a huge reason our office continues to be successful.
Election Services
Our Elections Services team has been busy updating and testing equipment- from cell phones to EViDs and more. There's research to do and supplies to be ordered, coding and translations that must be completed and contracts to be negotiated for precinct locations. Success is in the details and they've spent time troubleshooting and training for the 2020 Election Season. We know that to #PROTECT2020 takes year round effort from everyone involved!