Dear Idlewild Community,
As the nation monitors the spread of the new Coronavirus, COVID-19, we want to share with you how we are preparing for possible changes in the ministry of Idlewild Presbyterian Church. The CDC states that COVID-19 is a rapidly changing situation; the site linked in the CDC Updates button will be your best source of information. 
The most important actions we must all take are to practice good hand washing with frequency, stay home when we are sick, and cover coughs and sneezes. More CDC guidelines are provided online.
In addition to reinforcing the most effective precautions for any virus, like COVID-19 or the flu, the Church has professional resources available from its member associations and is discussing how a serious outbreak would affect our congregation. We are specifically looking at ways to have communion and pass the peace in the safest way possible for all. We have Livestream and radio options for those who feel more comfortable worshiping outside the church. This is an active and ongoing discussion.
If you are going to be traveling, please carefully check the CDC Travelers website linked in the CDC Travelers button below to ensure a safe experience. Alert the church office if you or anyone you know in our church family is symptomatic, diagnosed with an illness, or quarantined.
Idlewild maintains continuous education and practice of illness prevention. Our staff is being encouraged to cover coughs and sneezes, increase frequent hand washing, and avoid touching their mouth, nose, or eyes--all ways to stop or decrease the spread of many illnesses. We encourage you, our congregation, to do the same.
Please explore the resources provided below. This situation is a cause for concern, and demands a clear response, yet also invites us as people of faith to remember we trust in a God who is with us in the wilderness. Please join us in being intentional about praying for relief, wholeness, and healing from COVID-19. 

The Reverend Anne H.K. Apple
Interim Head of Staff

Dr. Heather Chauhan
Clerk of Session