FALL 2020

A letter from
Dawn Dixon
ConnectAbility, Executive Director
A Letter from Dawn Dixon
It is hard to believe that summer is over and we are now moving into the fall season. Our goal has been and will continue to be, providing ways for us all to stay connected until we can meet again in person. 

Soon, we will be launching a formal Peer Mentoring program in hopes that it will make a positive impact in the lives of those involved.

We are here to offer guidance, encouragement, and support in any way we can and are looking forward to seeing you all again when that time comes!

Dawn Dixon

It has been our pleasure and privilege at ConnectAbility to offer you as many virtual opportunities as possible during this trying time.
Micah Gandy
We first met Micah at University Hospital in February of 2019. A few weeks before his 25th birthday, he was involved in an accident and sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury. 
After Micah's accident, he was unable to communicate verbally. His Care Coordinator worked closely with Micah's mother to advocate for him so he could continue receiving the therapy he needed to recover. 

That advocacy led Micah to a Skilled Nursing Facility upon discharge. As he got stronger, Micah was able to apply for a grant through the Warm Springs Foundation that allowed him to receive more intensive treatment at Warm Springs Hospital. Within a few days of his admission, his Care Coordinator was in awe as she heard Micah's voice for the very first time and even got to watch him eat a tuna fish sandwich.

Micah continued to work hard and was then eligible for the Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services program, which meant he could continue receiving therapy, this time at NeuroRestorative. His mom excitedly called his Care Coordinator to report that not only was he now able to walk around their home independently, but he was also climbing up the stairs and leaving everyone else behind. 

Before his accident, Micah enjoyed making music with his friends and is currently working on his theme song for his graduation ceremony, which took place on September 24th. We know how hard he has worked to get to this day, we applaud every accomplishment, and cannot wait to see what his future holds.
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Stacey Rubin, PH.D. LPC

I may help lead the groups, but they are my teachers, and I’m a better person by knowing this amazing group of people.
Stacey Rubin
Stacey’s passion for the mission of Warm Springs and ConnectAbility is deeply personal. In 2013 her son experienced a traumatic brain injury (TBI) that nearly took his life. While he has made a full recovery, Stacey remembers the unimaginable pain and anxiety she felt after the accident and how overwhelming it was to find the resources her son needed.

Stacey has also facilitated many support groups for our growing ConnectAbility community that has touched on topics from coping with the “new normal” of COVID-19 to managing anxiety.
Virtual Happenings
Annie Munoz Parkinson's Exercise Group
11:00AM–11:30AM | Every Wednesday and Saturday
This Parkinson's Exercise Group was created in memory of Annie Munoz. The Munoz family welcomes all to join!
You do not need to have Parkinson's to participate.
or call/text 210-672-4097
Reach out to us with any ideas for new events and activities.
Summer Events
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summer events
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virtual fun
Thank you to everyone who participated in our virtual summer events:
Support Groups • Scavenger Hunt • Bingo • Game Day • Flash Back to 2019 • Caregiver “Social Group” • ConnectAbility “Bridging The Gap” • Caregiver Training • Who Knew – Trivia Day • GIC – Medicare Benefits 
A Caregiver's Toolkit
What you need to know when caring for someone.
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