Sunshine Club Program Introduction
September 2019
Sunshine Club Qualifications

  1. FREE MEMBERSHIP with First purchase of any qualifying Tincture or Syringe product after enrolling, will automatically qualify for a 10% discount. This will remain in effect for the next 90 days upon each consecutive monthly purchase, (every 30 days for the first 90 days of being a member) will maintain that 10% OFF
  2. On the 4th order after the 90 days, you will then gain access to an additional 10% for a total discount amount of 20%. You can maintain this 20% as long as you continue to order monthly.
  3. Re-Qualification period~ If for some reason a member does not continue to purchase a qualified monthly order after the 20% has been attained, the discount will be dropped back down to 10% until 3 "consecutive monthly orders" have been placed to to regain the 20% discount.
  4. If members order monthly for 12 full months, they will permanently retain the 20% discount.
  5. All members will also have access to Quarterly Specials, Monthly Newsletters, Monthly News Flashes, recommended protocols for products and their recommended doses, free goods and samples as well as a entrance into a drawing for a free vacation, tour and training at our Central Office in Daytona Beach Florida
  6. To Join The Sunshine Club Today, Please Call 833-334-1236 or email us your contact information to:
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Daily Tincture is our Cavinol® Maintenance product that provides a good, steady body balance for sustainable Health and Wellbeing

Plus+ Tincture is our Cavinol® Extra Strength Tincture that helps provide benefits for serious health concerns and discomforts, in addition to maintaining a healthy balanced body

Dark Root Oral Syringe is our Cavinol® Triple Strength Oral syringe which introduces you into the first of our Pharmaceutical Grade Extracts, formulated with Nanotechnology to provide a more safer and purer extract for overall better coverage and faster more effective bioavailability

Original Oral Syringe is our "Original" Cavinol® Pharmaceutical Grade extract that we now use as our base line product in our Clinical Trials for Chronic Health Issues
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