October 2021
Daphne Utilities Quarterly Newsletter
Teacher Mini-Grants NOW OPEN!
We are offering education mini-grants of $1,000.00 to Public Schools and Public School Educators in the Daphne Utilities Service Area that are committed to conserving natural resources and engaging students in STEM, conservation, or educational activities related to the utility service. Application closes October 9th.

Ghosts and wipes have one thing in common – they can haunt you! This
is because wipes do not disintegrate and can clog your sewer line. A result of using disposable wipes, septic tanks have to be pumped and pipes need unclogging more often, which can be costly.

Dispose of wipes in the trash can to avoid spooky ramifications!

If you see something, say something! This can include burst pipes, unsafe digging, broken fire hydrants, problems with utility service and more.

Please report any problems you see in the field or any issues with your current utility services.

Call us at 251.626.2628 anytime day or night!
Restoring Natural Gas Service

To restore existing natural gas service, it must be scheduled through our customer service department by setting an appointment. As we have limited time slots available daily, it would be advisable to schedule ahead of cold weather. Otherwise it can be several days before we can set an appointment. 

Our technicians only turn the gas on at the meter. Due to COVID safety protocols, they will not enter your home. If a gas pilot light needs to be lit, it’s recommended that a gas certified plumber is secured to perform this task.

Reminder there is a $25.00 reconnection fee that will be billed once the request has been received.  

Trash Service

Daphne Utilities is always proud to partner with the City of Daphne! We do know it gets confusing at times what services we each offer. We handle the billing for trash service, the city handles the service and operation of that, along with recycling and stormwater management.

For more information on the city's services Visit the site here:
Grease Recycling

Turkey time is fast approaching! Remember to recycle your grease when you are cooking your feast! Fats, Oils and Grease can cause costly problems to your pipes and ours.

Office Closings
Everyone here at Daphne Utilities wishes you and your family a happy holiday season! We are looking forward to an awesome new year in 2022! Our offices will be closed:

  • November 11th: Veterans Day
  • November 25th & November 26th: Thanksgiving Holiday
  • December 23rd & 24th: Christmas Holiday
  • January 1st: New Years Day
As always, if you need immediate assistance please call us at 251.626.2628. If you need to pay a bill you can visit us online at daphneutilities.com, drop a payment in our drop box or call us at 844.856.3455