Welcome to Sandoval Today, our long anticipated newsletter. We hope to publish monthly at first while we get used to our new software , Constant Contact, and build our staff of writers and photographers.

Our plans are to publish articles of interest to a broad range of Sandoval residents. We would like to include current topics such as today's article on electronic voting, practical tips on living well such as our article on hurricane prep,
Welcome to our newsletter
information on life- style events, profiles of notable residents, and news of other HOAs and best practices.

We will be experimenting with our formats in the first few issues as we get familiar with all the software has to offer.

We could use more writers and story ideas so if you are interested, contact us at sandovalhoacc@gmail.com .

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  Is Electronic Voting in Sandoval's Future?
Electronic voting has been a hot topic in Sandoval for some time. There is a vocal group who are strongly in favor of replacing our current paper ballot system with electronic voting as a way of ensuring the integrity of our elections. There is another group who remain suspicious about the security of electronic voting and worry about hacking into an electronic voting system by those with nefarious intent.  

Are you doing your banking online? Managing your investment account with your broker from your computer? Maybe depositing checks with your smart phone camera? If so you are protected by the same level of internet security as that supporting electronic voting. You are demonstrating that you accept the risk that these systems are secure to a level you can tolerate. 
An objective examination of the pluses and minuses of electronic voting and its potential role in Sandoval elections has been overdue for some time. Before we as a community can make an informed decision, we need a clear understanding of what electronic voting is and isn’t.

Sandoval Is Improving Our Technology

As some of you may have heard, there are exciting plans afoot to improve the technology we use at Sandoval.

Over the course of the next few weeks, we will be adopting Constant Contact for all our email and newsletter releases to the community.

This is an important transition, as the tools available in the Constant Contact application will help all of us involved in Sandoval communications do our jobs better, faster and more simply than the software we use today.

To ensure the adoption of Constant Contact emails goes smoothly, we have uploaded all available and pre-approved email addresses from Sandoval’s other computer systems into the Constant Contact data base.

Those residents who have opted to not receive emails from Sandoval in the past will remain on the “opt out” list until they choose to change their status.

We will be providing more guidance on this in the near future. 

We are also working on improving our fr equency schedule for emails. Maybe one email that will contain a week at glance for Lifestyle events, a
month newsletter and weekly General Manager updates. Suggestions on adjusting our timing are welcome.

One of the improvements with Constant Contact will be an ability to segment our emails into interest groups.

You will have a chance in the future to select the types of information you want to receive. For instance, if you are interested in lifestyle announcements about the ladies’ luncheon or kids’ movie night, you can opt into those interest groups. Only those who opt in will receive the notices on that topic. Again, more to come on this feature.

We expect this transition to be a smooth one. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Sandoval Communications at Sandovalhoacc@gmail.com.
Your feedback is important.

Sandoval Communications
Let's Have Fun and Relax at the Lagoon Pool
A gentle reminder to all our residents to review the Lagoon Pool and Waterslide safety and courtesy rules. These rules are documented in the Resident Handbook and are attached to this article for your convenience. Just click on the link below. School is out and temperatures are high. Let’s all cool down by following the rules and being courteous to all age groups.
Please refresh your family on all safety and guest rules for the pool, as well as the waterslide. And remember, the Lagoon Pool does not have a lifeguard. Swim and slide at your own risk. The Pool Attendants are there to monitor safety during the busiest hours. All children must have a designated watcher who is not distracted by mobile devices . This is a family friendly area and we want all residents, of all ages, to feel welcome and to have a safe and enjoyable experience at our beautiful pool.

Libby Szymanski, Lifestyle Director

Hurricane Prep Can Make Sleeping Easier
Unfortunately, Living the Dream here in Sandoval requires dealing with the occasional nightmare. Like it or not, we are in a part of America where tropical storms and hurricanes are a fact of life. Nature is beyond our control. What we can control, however, is our preparation for these inevitable events.

The Hurricane Preparation Page on www.liveSandoval.com is here to help you do just that. We have attempted to put all the information you need to survive hurricane season at your fingertips.

Go to the Hurricane Preparation page on our website and you will find the following:
·        A scorecard that tracks the 2019 Atlantic hurricane activity to date.
·        A Weather Widget showing the current Cape Coral forecast.
An explanation of the difference between a Hurricane Watch and a Hurricane Warning.
·        A chart that shows the impacts of Hurricane Categories 1-5.
·        An explanation of Sandoval rules about hurricane shutters.
·        Help with creating a Family Emergency Plan prior to the hurricane season.
·         A sample Emergency Supply List to support your Family Plan.
·        Information on evacuation zones, storm surges, and more.
·        A list of the top ten most powerful hurricanes in Florida’s past.  
    Some light reading and photos of 2017’s Hurricane Irma, when Sandoval dodged a bullet.

The prospect of a hurricane hitting our community is always fraught with fear and worry. Being as prepared as we can be is our best defense. We hope this Hurricane Preparation page will aid you in that effort. As always, if you see things missing or have other suggestions to assist your neighbors, please let us know. We will be updating this page as the hurricane season moves along.

Sandoval Communications

How to Survive a Hurricane

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