(Left to right) George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor all died at the hands of police officers.
Credit:  Isabel Liang
For Immediate Release: From the Desk of Our Executive Director


As we are aware, we are living in heinous times. With the recent filmed death of George Floyd, the recent news of the murder of Breonna Taylor and the the continual and apparent disregard of Black lives globally, our community is reeling. 

For so long we have bared witness to violent injustices, abusive power structures, poverty, micro-aggressions, and educational inequality. 

To be frank, we are all trying to process the pain both our current political and racial climate has contributed to our collective physical and mental well-being. 

While it is easier said than done in regards to social distancing practices, it is important to remain connected. As members of a vulnerable mentoring community, our leadership recognizes the importance of genuine human connection. 

Connect with your loved ones, pull-together resources to support those who are protesting, and remind each other of our collective and individual worth. We have added legitimate links in our bio by way of our social media accounts to support groups for protestors in Minneapolis. 

With the recent events surrounding protests across our nation, we encourage everyone to stay safe and remain vigilant. Remember also, we are stronger, together. As formal and informal mentors, check in on your mentees and assist them in processing their emotions and thoughts surrounding the recent news in the media. 

As we continue to march towards brighter days, let us continue to organize and strategize around the change we want to see in our world. 

Warm Regards, 

Donovan Forrest

Executive Director 

DonCARES of Philadelphia, Inc.