HAPPY NEW YEAR and welcome to our February 2020 edition of our online newsletter (LAP) The Learning Academy Post
On Thursday, January 23, 2020, DonCARES Mentor Carly Newton and her 12th grade mentee Domenay enjoyed a meal at The Cheesecake Factory of Philadelphia. The purpose of DonCARES restaurant outings is to provide positive dining experiences for both mentees and their mentors. As an organization, we ensure that mentees leave outings knowing how to calculate a percentage tip to their server.
Mentee of the Month: Destynn Mclaine
Destynn Mclaine is recognized as the January 2020 DonCARES of Philadelphia, Inc. Mentee of the Month. Destynn was selected because of his commitment to his education and his perseverance in overcoming life's challenges. Destynn is currently a Senior at The U School and has been a member of DonCARES of Philadelphia, Inc. since September 2019. 

DonCARES Executive Director Donovan Forrest met Destynn a few months ago during a panel discussion in U School Teacher Charlie McGheean's Senior Design Class. Since being matched with a mentor at DonCARES, Mclaine has been accepted to Indiana University of Pennsylvania and Manor College. Destynn is currently matched with DonCARES Mentor Aaron Williams, a Junior Sociology major at Temple University.  

After high school, Destynn is considering going to college and is currently completing his senior multi-disciplinary project on gun violence. Both Aaron and Donovan are proud of Destynn and his recent academic accomplishments. Congratulations, Destynn!
Mentor of the Month: Aaron Williams
Aaron Williams is recognized as the January 2020 DonCARES of Philadelphia, Inc. Mentor of the Month. Williams was selected because he has shown outstanding commitment to our core values and has built an admirable relationship with his mentee. 
Williams is a Junior at Temple University majoring in Sociology.
 DonCARES Executive Director Donovan Forrest met Williams in the summer of 2019 shortly after Williams applied to be a mentor. Williams chose to become a mentor for DonCARES of Philadelphia, Inc. so his mentee can take advantage of his experience transitioning from high school to college and use that to their advantage when they’re experiencing a similar transition whether it be from high school to college, to the work force, to trade school, etc.
DonCARES Promotes Cameron Battle-Bradshaw to Assistant Director

On January 5th DonCARES Executive Director Donovan Forrest promoted DonCARES Volunteer Mentor and Director of Recruitment Cameron Battle-Bradshaw to Assistant Executive Director. Bradshaw has been a member of DonCARES since January 2019 and has served as a mentor to an 11th grade student at the U School.
Since being matched with her mentee, Bradshaw has cared and consistent while working, attending school, and serving as a member of The National Council of Negro, Temple Section, and The Epsilon Delta Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta, Sorority, Incorporated. 
In his first dispatches to Battle-Bradshaw, Forrest described her as a mentor with indomitable work ethic and a pleasure to have on DonCARES. Bradshaw will begin her duties this February working directly with her fellow board members and president. Battle-Bradshaw will work directly under the Executive Director and will be responsible for managing all aspects of a non-profit office and execution of events and promotional endeavors. 
Sadie T.M. Alexander Social Justice Essay Contest: Ends February 18th
F or the second year in a row, DonCARES of Philadelphia, Inc. will host the Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander Social Justice Essay Contest for high school students at The U School and Tech Friere Charter School.

The objective of this contest is for high school student participants to think critically about the challenges that existed and remain for black and brown people in America. Participants will also use Alexander's narrative as a starting point for thinking about some issues that affect marginalized people of color. Students will also consider their definitions of “justice” and “progress” to serve as a basis for change.

There will be four winners. One first place winner and runner-up for 9th and 10th grades and 11th and 12th grades. We will announce the winners in late February 2020. First place winners will be awarded 100-dollar visa gift cards and second place winners will be awarded 75-dollar visa gift cards.

The essay prompt and directives will be available on our website under "essay contest" and in pdf form on January 8, 2020. All essays must be submitted via email by February 18, 2020 at noon. No late essays will be considered and all submissions will be screened for plagiarism.

All questions can be directed to cares.phila@gmail.com

"I decided to become a community organizer ... Change won't come from the top, I would say. Change will come from a mobilized grass roots."

- Barack Obama