Volume 2 | September 2019
Joining National Preparedness Month

I’m proud to announce that we here at West Virginia VOAD have joined FEMA and countless other organizations in preparing for emergencies throughout the month of September, which the President has proclaimed National Preparedness Month ( NPM ) . NPM is a time to for us all to prepare for emergencies and disasters.

If you’ve seen the news recently, you know that emergencies happen unexpectedly in communities just like ours, to people like us. It’s for that reason that we made the decision to join NPM this year and become more prepared to face an emergency. There are so many things that we can do to prepare. We’re making a conscious effort to help prepare our staff both here at the office and at home. By developing an emergency plan with our families, communities, congregations, neighbors and co-workers, we can ensure that everyone knows what resources are available in an emergency and where to go if we need to evacuate. We can work as a team to make our communities, our neighborhoods and our own families safer.

But preparing goes beyond just making a kit and building a plan. The theme for National Preparedness Month this year is Prepared, Not Scared. Be Ready for Disasters” and asks citizens to take action now.

  • Take time to learn lifesaving skills − such as CPR and first aid
  • Check your insurance policies and coverage for the hazards you may face, such as flood, earthquakes and tornadoes
  • Educate and involve youth in preparedness
  • Make sure to consider the costs associated with disasters and save for an emergency
  • Know how to take practical safety steps like shutting off water and gas

As we here at WV VOAD continue to prepare for an emergency, we encourage you to do the same. You never know where you’ll be when an emergency strikes, so prepare for it now. This month, watch for weekly notifications with practical tips to help you do just that!

Jenny Gannaway
Executive Director, WV VOAD
Upcoming Events
September 2019
National Preparedness Month

September 17, 2019
WV VOAD Quarterly Meeting
10 am - 2 pm Gassaway, WV (RSVP below)
Team Rubicon Bridging the Gap
Team Rubicon (TR), a Veteran-led disaster response organization, answered WV VOAD's invitation to help replace a private bridge in Clay County, WV that was destroyed in the 2016 flooding. Members of TR arrived from several states and over the course of one week assisted the WV VOAD Bridge team in restoring two families' access to community resources and safe transportation. This marked the 7th bridge WV VOAD has completed for Rise WV applicants in the Bridge/Home program with volunteer labor. TR is most often associated with early post disaster work such as tarping roofs or mucking out but they proved themselves to be proficient bridge builders!
Progress Accelerates on Construction Projects
Six Rise Projects In Construction!
WV VOAD has been busy since being named a sub-recipient grantee coordinating reconstruction and repair of homes for Rise WV applicants. Currently, there are six projects underway in three counties; four reconstructions and two repairs. Five teams of contractors and site supervisors have been assembled to oversee the volunteer driven construction process. Over the next three years, WV VOAD will coordinate volunteers to construct and repair one hundred twelve homes as well as over one hundred private bridges using CDBG-DR funds through Rise WV.
Kanawaha County, W. Va. Elevated block foundation is complete and framing begins.
Greenbrier County, W. Va. Footers: check; Block: check; Ready for framing on this replacement of a portion of a home destroyed in 2016 flooding.
Nicholas County, W. Va. Ground is broken, footers are poured and foundation work set to begin.
Are you attending the Quarterly Meeting?
St. Thomas Catholic Church, 624 Kanawha Street, Gassaway, WV 26624

09/17/19 10:00am - 09/17/19 2:00pm

I'll be there!
I can't make it