Volume 01 | July 1, 2019
Your monthly news & updates
Hello everyone! ALOT going on this month so please read through the entire newsletter. This is the start of the new quarter and we have some new Gliders who have joined and some old Gliders who have come back!! So allow me to introduce the following new and returning gliders!!

Plan of the Month
September 3rd - SUP Race Training
September 5th - SUP Race Training
September 7th - Special Event
September 10th - Outrigger Canoe (OC1/2)
September 12th - Outrigger Canoe (OC1/2)
September 15th - Race Event
Note this is on a Sunday
September 17th - PRONE and SUP Training
September 19th - PRONE and SUP Training
September 21 - Team Building
We will be working on land and water for this weekend's workout. Elements such as: Water rescue, Assistance with malfunctioning equipment
How to rig a canoe while on the water...and much more!
September 24th - SUP SOCCER!!!!
September 26th - Outrigger Canoe (OC1/2)
September 28 - Long Distance OC-1/2
This will be another long paddle, destination yet to be determined, but please be sure to have water, sunscreen and prepare to get wet!
SPECIAL EVENT - September 7th: TIME: 10:00AM, Location: MOONLIGHT BEACH
This coming Saturday it is Mark's birthday and it was requested that we as the West Coast Gliders go out and 1)celebrate Mark's birthday and 2)go out and support the Paddling community and a very brave young man by the name of Keane, who was unfortunately attacked by a Great White Shark....don't worry he's doing great! The event will be held at Saturday at 10am located at Moonlight Beach. Below is more information on the event:

Keane was bitten by an 11ft Great White Shark on 9/29/18 while lobster diving at Beacons Beach. He was just 13 years old. He sustained life threatening injuries, but due to miraculous work from local hero’s, First Responders and a solid community effort Keane survived.

Keane is thriving and hasn’t lost his love for the ocean. He is an incredible young man with an incredible story.
Bring your surf board, paddle board...whatever you want to ride out and celebrate his survival.

There will be music, vendors and a raffle.

A few things to note:

-This is a free event (everyone is welcome)
-Paddle Out Ceremony is at 1pm
-Only food to purchase is through the Moonlight Beach Shack
-Beach cleanup at the end of the even t

This will be our first Race of the Fall and Winter Series!! AND our first race to race SUP!!! Since the race will be on Sunday we will NOT have practice on Saturday. On another note "The Paddle Academy" will be there competing as well!!! Needless to say this will be a great opportunity for our gliders to get a chance to meet up with another group of young paddling athletes who train up north in Dana Point. Myself and their Head Coach Mike Eisert will be working out a time in where we will have a beach day for our two group of kids to get together to train and to have fun!! More to come on that in the coming days! I highly encourage for all of the Gliders to sign up and participate in this race!

Info on the race:

Join the fun for the 16th annual Powerhouse Paddle & Swim to support the Del Mar Life Guard Association. This challenging yet friendly open ocean event features a SUP and prone paddleboard race, as well as youth and adult swims. All ages and abilities are welcome … bring the family for a morning of fun at Powerhouse Park in Del Mar.

Race Activites:
  • Stand Up Paddle and Prone Race: 2 mile and 4 mile. Open to all ages. Age group awards
  • One Mile Swim: Open to all ages. Beach start and finish. Age group awards.
  • Youth (10 and under) 250 Yard Swim. Beach start and finish. Awards for all participants!
  • Youth (12 and under) 500 Yard Swim. Beach start and finish. Age group awards.
  • Food & Cheer
  • Raffle with lots of prizes
Registration includes delicious food and a cool hoodie sweatshirt:
  • $55 through September 14
  • $70 on-site/day of event in advance
 Advance registration closes at 5pm on Saturday, September 14. On site/day of registration increases to $70, so please sign up in advance!

What we did last month!
Goodness where to start? To sum this all up will be covering both July and August. The real question is what we didn't do? Mid-July we had a wonderful opportunity to represent Newport Aquatic Center and race six man Outrigger Canoe!! In where the gliders had the opportunity to race both OC1 and OC6!

For the 12 and Under division boys for the OC1, both Jake Woodard and Myles Plaskonos, totally swept the division of around 30+ youth paddlers and came in 1st- (Jake) and 2nd Place (Myles) and by a very LARGE Margin!!! It was definitely incredible to see! Unfortunately due to time constraints our older Gliders didn't get the chance to show off their skills on on the OC1 but they were able to get 3rd place in the 16 and under division and immediately after that race jumped right back in and did the 14 and under division race and came in 1st place!!! The West Coast Gliders DEFINITELY made an impression within the Outrigger community that day to quote someone from the community who is held in high esteem:

" wow have you seen what the kids Red is currently coaching are achieving?!"

Outside of racing, we introduce Prone boarding into the training regiment, we also had a chance to paddle on both the Megaladon and Motherboard SUP board....now that was some ultimate team building there!!!
PICS from July through August
1st and 2nd Place OC1
16U 3rd Place and 14U 1st Place!
Checking out the Maritime Museum
Getting some OC6 practice in!
Introducing PRONE board into the mix!
LA Jolla Shores Beach Day
Now this was Alot of Fun!!! We took the one Saturday and moved it from Liberty Station to La Jolla SHORES!! Not only did we have an awesome surf session but we also found our new surf spot and named it "Gliders Break" on top of that this was Carter's first day with us!! Needless to say it was a really fun day on the water, plan on doing more of these in the months to come!!
Jake getting his first wave on a SUP BOARD!
Taylor showing Dad how it's done!
TJ on the Ski!
What is ahead of us Now?
So what's ahead? Well, first off I want to recognize the gliders for putting in the effort in creating your very own logo!! Coach is working on getting jerseys printed out for those who are active team members! Hopefully we will have them for powerhouse!!

On that note, we have Flyers printed out and I will be asking you all to help spread the word of this amazing program!! The only way we can keep this going is if we grow...but just a little bit ;) So please tell your friends, be it young or old about this amazing program!! Again we're just getting started and if any of you have any suggestions about anything please let me know!!!