Volume 01 | July 1, 2019
Your monthly news & updates
Hello everyone! I am pleased to announce we finally have our bi-monthly newsletter! Once things get a bit more mature, I will see about increasing the delivery newsletter to a weekly basis. For now however, newsletters will be going out on a Bi-Monthly basis. If you happened to received something via mailchimp this is essentially the same newsletter. I will be utilizing Constant Contact since it is far more intuitive/easier to generate and distribute newsletters in the future.

That said, here is a snap shot as to what is coming down the pipe for the month of July as well as what we were able to accomplish within our first month of the quarter!
Workout Plan for July
WEEK 1 - 02-06
WEEK 2 - 08-13
WEEK 3 - 15-20
WEEK 4 - 22-27
SIX MAN OUTRIGGER with Kanaka Outrigger Canoe club
What we did last month!
Can you believe it?! We have only been in operation for 1 month and it feels as if we have been at it for a lot longer! The first month of the West Coast Paddle Glider program was an absolute blast! Below are a few pictures of what we were able to accomplish during our first month! Here is what we were able to accomplish for the month of June!!
  • Established Equipment both Outriggers/Stand Up Paddleboards/Paddles for use
  • Established Social media presence on both Instargram and Facebook 
  • Paddled and learned about the Waterways of San Diego Bay
  • Familiarized Paddlers the Outrigger Canoe/Stroke
  • Paddled Out to the USS Midway
  • Had the opportunity to get our paddlers to participate in a Outrigger Canoe Race thanks to HanoHano Outrigger Canoe Club! http://www.hanohano.com/
  • Young Jake and his 12 and under boys came in Second Place in their division and the 16 and Under Co-ED crew came in 4th place
Big Paddle To Midway
Working Technique on SUP
Nathan figuring things out
16 and Under Co-ed Crew
Taylor OC-1
Jake and the 12 and Under crew
New Partner/Sponsor
I am proud to announced that we are in talks with Puakea Designs and Coach Johnny Puakea! They will providing us with a number of Outrigger paddles to use for the kids which is really awesome! Also will be working on developing more options for our young paddlers to be able to participate in the coming days!! 

Paddling with our Neighbors
I am in talks with Kanaka Outrigger Canoe Club to get the kids into the big six man outrigger canoes! They are very excited about providing this opportunity. If this pans out, we will need waivers to be filled out. More info on this endeavor will be coming soon!! 
From the Coach
Finally I just want to say thank you so much for putting your trust and faith in this program! Without you and your amazing children this wouldn't even be possible and I am incredibly grateful! I am essentially building the plane while it is in flight, so I truly appreciate your willingness to support and patience as we continue to build something unique in San Diego and eventually in all of California! 

On that note you all now have 25% discount on all items out of West Coast Paddle Sports. You can check out what they have via online or check out their store out of Morena Blvd, just right across the street from CostCo near the I-5

What is ahead of us Now?
Making New Friends up North!
I am really excited that I had the opportunity to sit down and talk to Coach Mike Eisert and we will be working on creating a joint event between our two organizations to have both teams get a chance to meet up, hang out and just play on the water!!! This will likely happen sometime in August, so stay tuned for more info! You can check them out via their website here:

SIC is jumping on board!
I am currently in the works with the Brand Manager for Sandwich Island Composites (SIC) to be our sponsor for all things SUP. Needless to say the communication so far has been awesome! and they are big fans for the kids! Again, I will provide you all with more information as it comes!! You can check out SIC's website below:

Looking to offset cost for everyone
As a new Team, we are incredibly fortunate to have access to a number of equipment that have either been donated/provided by various individuals and organizations. My main goal is to try to offset cost for all of you (including myself) via fundraising and donations. I am working on establishing the West Coast Paddle Gliders as a 501c3 in the future, but that will take some time. In the meantime if you have any fundraising ideas I am all ears and would welcome any ideas. On that note I currently started a Fundly campaign via social media to help generate funds to purchase a trailer/jerseys for the team. If you could, please get the word out and share the link. Here is the link: