Winter 2020
Message from the Executive Director
"Reading is also a process and it also changes you." -Margaret Atwood

The thousands of stories of our adult students over the past 50 years are clear examples that reading is both a process and that it changes you. As an organization, we are now part of that change and have our own story to tell. 

As many of you may have heard, Learn to Read is reincorporating as the Literacy Alliance of Northeast Florida. The main reason is that our students have consistently shared that, while the instruction is
beneficial, the name of the organization points out their challenges and heightens the stigma they already face. Our students are smart, motivated, and focused on building their skills just as you or I are. They deserve our support, encouragement, and confidence.

Additionally, while we started 50 years ago to provide volunteer reading tutors, over the past decade we have grown to include instructor-led small group classes and online learning as well as continuing education in basic math, health literacy, financial literacy, and career development in addition to our core literacy education. 

This change, like reading, will be a process. We have already changed social media handles and filed the appropriate paperwork. Still to come is a new logo and a new website. This will be the last newsletter with this look, but news and student stories will continue in a refreshed format. 

We look forward to all that is ahead for us, our students, and our
volunteers, and thank you for being a part of this journey with us.
More literacy means more learning which means more opportunity. 

Yours in literacy,
Student Success
to our Recent Graduates
·   Darius B
·   Donnell B
·   Jean T
·   Maria D
·   Mayez A
·   Mildred H
·   Terry G
·   Veronica B

Retirees Improve Reading and Study Skills
The senior adults at Cathedral Towers downtown come prepared and ready to learn each week. They look forward to their weekly reading class and always have their homework ready to review. Some of their goals include: reading and speaking better, reading the newspaper, and reading from the Bible.

Ken Horton, longtime LTR teacher and now volunteer instructor states, “This class is a like a family who learns together and supports each other. Sitting at a round table lends itself to a great learning experience, not only by the students, but the teacher as well. ”

Ken surprised the students at the holidays with a book, “The Great Wall of China,” so they could learn more about China which is where several students were born. 

Learning helps these adults continue to grow and expand their knowledge in the company of good friends. This group of dedicated adults have been meeting since June 2019.
Young Adults Reaching Their Career Goals at Job Corps
Job Corps is a tuition-free training and education program that connects eligible young men and women with the skills and educational opportunities they need to establish real careers. Students not only learn a trade, but they may also study for the GED. That’s where Learn to Read comes in to assist. We have been partnering with Job Corps to offer reading classes twice a week for the past year. They complete lessons, read books, work on comprehension, and practice grammar.
Lynn is honored to teach this class. She cited Gandhi’s famous quote, “’Be the change you want to see in the world.’ When you see a need you have to get out there and get involved.” Lynn teaches middle school during the day. She is a gifted and natural teacher. 
Pippen, a student who has completed Job Corps training, is now seeking a job in materials handling. He was very appreciative and shared, “Lynn took the time to help me understand and answer my questions. I was able to improve my vocabulary, writing skills, and pronunciation.” Pippen is originally from Haiti, so English was not his first language. This young man is ready to start his career. We wish him the very best!  
Program News

The 2020 Census
is approaching!

The Census counts every person living in the US every 10 years. It is a huge project! We are focused on getting our adult students and their family members counted. Adult learners are a high risk of being undercounted which can impact congressional seats and more than $675 billion annually in funding to support critical programs such as health care, education, housing, roadways, and much more. Local governments use the census for public safety and emergency preparedness. Businesses use the census to decide where to build offices and stores which create jobs. It’s very important to get an accurate count.

The Census Bureau will mail a census form to homes in the middle of March. We will be talking about the Census and its importance in our reading, math and computer lab classes. APRIL 1, 2020 is declared CENSUS DAY! Census workers will begin to visit homes that have not responded in May.

We will be working with our adult learners in March and April to ensure that they are COUNTED. Students will have the opportunity to bring in their Census form and use laptops to record their responses online. We will have morning, lunch, early evening, and some Saturday hours where we have laptops and volunteers and staff to help our students. Students may also bring a friend or neighbor. We will ask students to come get a snack and get COUNTED!

If you would like to volunteer for Census support, send an email to . Very short training and flexible shifts are available.
Leaders in Adult Literacy
Learn to Read is happy to announce some recent funding awards. Thank you to the following supporters:

·   Truist (formerly BB&T and SunTrust) - $20,000
·   Wish You Well Foundation - $10,000
·   Target Circle - $1,800
·   Crowley Cares - $1,000
·   Family Alliance Foundation - $1,000  
Click here for a full list of our generous sponsors.
Celebration of Success 2020
The Annual Celebration of Success is planned for 5—8pm, Thursday, May 14, 2020. This event celebrates our students, volunteers, and partners.
* Volunteer Opportunity * We like to capture this special event for attendees. Amateur or professional photographer welcome. Give us a call.
Learn to Read - By the Numbers
July 2019 - December 2019
Volunteer Information
Volunteer Opportunities- Beyond tutoring
Learn to Read has the following non-tutor volunteer opportunites. Contact our volunteer coordinator for more information:

Photography: Are you a talented hobby photographer or even a professional? We're looking for some updated photos of our instructors, students, and tutors to make our marketing materials and website appealing and authentic for potential students.

Census assistance: Learn to Read will host several sessions around downtown to offer one-on-one assistance with online census forms. Sessions will take place through out March and April.

Celebration of Success: On May 14th we'll celebrate the accomplishments of our students and tutors. Help is needed with setup, decorating, and cleanup.
Become a Learn to Read Tutor
Fill out a Registration Form today: Tutor Registration Form

Our volunteers:
· Tutor adult students (age 16 and above) who read below a 9th grade level
· Work one-on-one with a student, teach/assist in a small group class, or assist in the computer lab
· Help a student build reading, language, and/or math skills
· Receive online and in person training, curriculum, materials, and support
· Must be at least 18 years of age and pass a background screening
· Commit to at least 6 months of volunteering, approximately 1 hour a week
· Work during varied times and locations across Duval County

Tutor Information Sessions
Wednesday, Feb 12 | 5:30 pm
Friday, Feb 28 | noon

Wednesday, Mar 11 | 5:30 pm
Friday, Mar 27 | 2:00 pm

Wednesday, Apr 8 | 5:30 pm
Friday, Apr 24 | 5:30 pm

New Tutor Training
Saturday, Feb 22 | 10:00-2:00 pm
Saturday, Mar 21 | 10:00-2:00 pm
Saturday, Apr 25 | 10:00-2:00 pm
Welcome to our Newest Tutors!
Your weekly tutoring is helping your student acquire and practice new skills, gain confidence, and achieve dreams. Thank you!

Brian James
Joan Bryant (returning)
Eric Mongar (FSCJ intern)
Donna Nichols
Sheryl Sekine
Elizabeth Winstead (FSCJ intern)

We welcome student/tutor stories at:
Tutor and Student Resources
We have reading, math, and language TABE 11/12 practice materials to help you prepare for the TABE test. If you want to BOOST your TABE score, come in and check them out!

Check out our Learn to Read Google site that can point you in the direction of free instructional materials!